UNCW Presents

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Full Season Subscription (20% Discount):

You'll notice that many of the performances cross boundaries of music, theater, dance and visual art, especially featuring elements of film and video. We invite you to follow that thread through the season, to seek out our events that explore social and environmental issues, to experience different art forms that use improvisation as a creative tool – from jazz to comedy to contemporary dance.

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Cinematic Passport (10% Discount):

These performances incorporate elements of film and documentary to celebrate the marriage of live theater together with the magic of cinema.

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Improv Passport (10% Discount):

Artists on this passport all use improvisation as a method of generating ideas and creating new works of art and entertainment, whether in music, dance, or comedy.

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Justice Passport (10% Discount):

Join us to explore issues of social and environmental justice in these challenging and entertaining performances.

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Choose Your Passport (10% Discount):

Pick any four performances this season and get a 10% discount on tickets!  Your journey can take you around the world or through a variety of art forms.

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