Swain Center

The H. David and Diane Swain Center

With a 30-year history on the UNCW campus, the H. David and Diane Swain Center emphasizes outreach into the private and business community to meet the needs of North Carolina. Its activities include providing training for the region's workforce, forecasting the economy, and partnering in projects with students and faculty across campus . The Center uses the Swains' gift as a catalyst for program growth, enhancing the scope of services it provides to the region.

Swain and Associates from Swain & Associates on Vimeo.

The Swain Center is a partner in the NC REACH online database of assets within North Carolina higher education and research institutions.

Mission Statement

The Swain Center provides diverse opportunities to lead the way in education, training, and professional development for individuals and organizations through a hands-on, personal approach.

Professional Education

The Swain Center makes the educational resources of UNCW available for professionals in the community, businesses, industries, professional organizations, military and other government entities. These non-credit education programs fall into five general categories:

Advisory Board

We work with our Swain Center Advisory Board at quarterly meetings.