GIS Maps

Main Campus MapMain Campus ArcGIS Online Map

*Zoom in to map to view layers, *Open 'Content' tab to see detailed map layers

Main Campus Utility Map (login required)Main Campus Utility ArcGIS Online Map

*Open 'Content' tab to see Layers. Then click Utilities or other Layers to expand the menu.


Bluethenthal Wildflower Preserve
Bluethenthal Wildflower Preserve

Center for Marine Center MapCenter for Marine Science ArcGIS Online

*login only required to view utility & floor plan data,
select 'Cancel to view public map

Main Campus Floor Plan Map (login required)Main Campus Floor Plan ArcGIS Online Map

*Open 'Content' tab to see Layers. Then click 'Floor Plans & other GIS Layers' to expand the menu and view the floor plan choices.
*To view a room list for a floor plan, click on the gray arrow Arrow next to the floor plan of your choice. Then choose 'Show Table' from the drop down list.



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