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Applied Learning- Marine Biology Fish Feeding

Students are increasing their confidence level as learners and instructors are gaining arewarding teaching environment

UNCW ETEAL Pilot Implementation

2012-2013 ETEAL Preliminary Implementation

Applied Learning Summer Institute (July 30, 31, August 1, 2012)

  • 34 Participants from across campus

Applied Learning and Teaching Community

    • Fall 2012 Applied Learning Fellows: Jess Boersma (FLL), and Tony Atkins (ENG)
    • Spring 2013 Applied Learning Fellows: Anne Pemberton (Library), and Art Frampton (BIO)
    • Events

ETEAL-Supported Pedagogy Initiatives Awarded

Fall 2012

    • Darwin Dennison (HAHS) in class HEA 207 Nutrition and Behavior
    • Kristen DeVall (SOC/CRM) in class SOC/CRM 300 Research Methods
    • Kathleen Ennen (SON) in class NUR 404 Health Policy
    • Jennifer Horan (PIA) and Kate Bruce (PSY & HON) in class HON 110 First Year Seminar
    • Michele Parker (WCE) in class EDN 642 Research II
    • Colleen Reilly (ENG) in class ENG 313 Writing about Science
    • Shannon Santana (SOC/CRM) in class CRM 490 Criminal Justice Practicum
    • Michelle Scatton-Tessier (FLL & WST) in class WST 490 Women’s Studies Internship
    • Rajni Shankar-Brown (WCE) in class EDN 355 Language Arts Methods
    • Patricia White (SON) in class NUR 401 Pediatric and Community Nursing
    • Art Frampton (BIO) collaborative DIS with team of faculty and students  pursuing common research question
    • Kae Livsey (SON) community nursing service learning projects

Spring 2013

    • Stacy Mitchell (CSB) in class OPS 370 Principles of Operations Management
    • Patricia White (SON) in class NUR 401 Pediatric and Community Nursing
    • Darwin Dennison (HAHS) and Michele Parker (WCE) in classes HEA 207 Nutrition and Behavior and HEA 466 Introduction to Therapeutic Nutrition
    • Tony Atkins (ENG) in class ENG 204 Introduction to Professional Writing
    • Steve Elliott and Sue Combs (HAHS) in classes PED 387  Teaching Secondary Physical Education and PED/EXS 415 Adapted Physical Education
    • Kevin Kiser (BIO) in class BIO 491 Directed Individual Study
    • Kae Livsey and Kathleen Ennen (SON) NUR 404 Health Policy
    • Tricia Kelley (GAG) in class GLY 337 Invertebrate Paleontology
    • Rebecca Warfield (ENG) in class ENG 290 Themes in Literature: Sustainability

2011-2012 ETEAL Pilot Results

2010-2011 Pilot Proposals & Implementation

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