Degree Audit FAQs

What is u.achieve?
u.achieve is a computer-based degree audit system developed by College Source that UNCW uses to produce students' degree audits.

How do I read a degree audit?
The key to reading the degree audit is to scan for Green Check and Red X on the left side of the audit. You may also use the scroll bar on the right side of the audit to navigate through the audit. Most requirements will have sub-requirements associated with them. A '+' sign beside a sub-requirement is complete. Incomplete requirements will have '-' sign. There is a "Legend" at the end of each degree audit that explains symbols that are used on the audit.

When I try to run a degree audit I get an error message that tells me the "Degree Program Not Defined". What does this mean?
A "Degree Program Not Defined" error message means that your major and/or catalogue year are not correct in our system or the degree program is not defined. Please contact the Office of the Registrar at and report this error.

Non-degree Students: If you are a non-degree student, you will get this message because non-degree students do not have degree audits. You may access your courses via your "Academic Transcript" in SeaNet.

Why does the audit indicate I took a course 05FA and I know I took the course in Fall of 2004?
This goes back to the way term codes are set-up in Banner. Terms follow the academic year, not the calendar year. In this example, the course occurred in the 2005 academic year. The course actually was taken in the calendar year 2004 for the fall term. Just remember that the Fall term does not follow the calendar year it occurred in, all other terms follow the calendar year in which they occurred. Ex. For academic year 2005, the term codes would appear on the degree audit as follows: 05FA (Fall), 05SP (Spring), 05S1 (Summer I), and 05S2 (Summer II). More recently the summer term is only one and is represented by: SU10.

I have questions regarding the transfer credit that is appearing on my audit?
Any question that you may have regarding your transfer credit should be emailed to the transfer articulation administrator in the Office of the Registrar.

What is an exception?
An exception reflects any changes, such as waivers or substitutions, applied to your academic program by your advisor.

If I have a program exception, when will it take effect on my degree audit?
It usually takes a couple of weeks for an exception to go through the approval process. The Office of the Registrar makes every attempt to enter exceptions received on a daily basis. As soon as it is posted to your academic record, you will be able to view it on your degree audit.

I am thinking about changing majors, can I get a degree audit that shows how my courses will fit into the new major?
Yes, u.achieve gives you the opportunity to see how courses that you have taken could apply to different requirements in a different degree program. This is called a "What-if" audit and may be obtained through SEANET. Click here for instructions on Viewing a What-if Degree Audit.

The what if audit will show the “catalog year” in a different format. For example the academic year from Fall 2008 through Summer 2009 is the academic year 2009. Therefore the catalogue year is the academic year plus the semester you entered. Semesters are represented by 10 for Fall, 20 for Spring, 60 for Summer.

The catalogue term for students entering Fall 2009 would be 201010 (Academic year = 2010 plus the semester code = 10). For Spring 2009 it would be 200920 and Summer would be 200960. Just remember that the Fall term does not follow the calendar year it occurred in, all other terms follow the calendar year they occurred.

What do I do if I think there is an error on my degree audit?
If you feel that u.achieve is not correctly analyzing certain requirements on your degree audit, you should consult your academic advisor or an advisor in the student services office of your particular school.

Can I print my degree audit from SEANET?
Yes, just click on "Review a Printer Friendly Report" at the top of your audit and print.

If I have a current degree audit, do I still need to see my advisor?
The degree audit does not eliminate the need for advising. Rather, the degree audit serves to enhance advising and encourage student contact with an advisor for further academic and career counseling.

Additional questions for faculty:

Can I view degree audits of students who are not assigned as my advisees?
Yes, u.achieve provides this option for you. You can even run a "what-if" audit on these students as well. Click here for instructions on Viewing Degree Audits of students who are not your advisees.

What do I do if I think there is an error on my advisee's degree audit?
If you feel that u.achieve is not correctly analyzing certain requirements on the degree audit, you should contact the Assistant Registrar for Records. Be sure to give the student's name, Banner ID, and the nature of the problem. You can even go to the printer friendly version of the degree audit on SeaNet and add it to your email as a text attachment if it will help in explaining the problem. Every attempt will be made to address your concerns as soon as possible.

I would like to change the way a requirement is worded or add wording to a requirement, how can I do this?
All changes to the text of the audit must be approved and submitted by your department chair (or the u.achieve faculty liaison in your department, if one is designated) to the degree audit administrator. Curriculum changes must be approved through the established University policies and guidelines as outlined in the Faculty Handbook.

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