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Human Subjects Research

Professor Julian Keith conduct research on memory In order to protect the rights of human subjects used in research, UNCW has its own federally mandated Institutional Review Board (IRB). Faculty members from a variety of scientific and non-scientific disciplines and a community representative serve on this committee to review and approve research projects involving human subjects. The Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Compliance (SPARC) is the administrative office that coordinates the activities of the IRB.

According to UNCW IRB policy, all research projects involving human subjects must be approved by the IRB. The research and human subjects decision charts can help researchers determine if their projects meet the federal definition of research with human subjects (see Quick Links column on the right side of this page for links to these charts). SPARC will not accept funding for human subject research from an external agency without documentation of IRB approval.

Do you need to apply for IRB approval?  Are you looking for a link to the IRB Information System (IRBIS)?

Here it is!

You can also find IRBIS resources on the Research Compliance Forms and Templates webpage.

Please Note: IRBIS is hosted by UNC-General Administration. If you experience operating difficulties, TAC will not be able to assist you. Please contact for assistance. Also, if you receive a login error message when you try to log in to IRBIS ("Login Failed"), try using a different browser or try deleting your browsing history (In Internet Explorer, go to Tools, then Delete Browsing History).

Important notice regarding incorrect information included in a 3/12/17 Chronicle of Higher Education commentary, "Long-Sought Research Deregulation Is Upon Us.  Don't Squander the Moment"

If you have received an email asking you to share a recent Chronicle of Higher Education article with at least two colleagues, as if it was a chain letter, please do not forward this article.  The article, written by Richard A. Shweder and Richard E. Nesbitt, inaccurately states that new regulations revising the "Common Rule" (HHS 45 CFR 46) permit researchers to make their own determinations of exempted research activities, replacing the existing requirement to submit an application for IRB review.  This information is untrue.  The provisions the authors describe were included in the proposed rule, but following review of public comments, were not included in the final, published rule.  If you have questions about the new final rule, please email the UNCW IRB office at

IRB Meeting Schedule and Submission Deadlines

The IRB typically meets on a monthly basis to review protocols subject to full committee review. Following is the meeting schedule and submission deadlines. Researchers must submit their Human Subject Protocol forms by the submission deadline in order to receive IRB review on the desired meeting date. Researchers should plan accordingly to avoid delays.

Please note: minimal risk activities involving populations that are not considered vulnerable are generally not subject to full committee review. The IRB determines the appropriate form of review. The following submission deadlines do not apply to protocols qualifying for expedited review, which are accepted on a continuous basis.



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IRB committee meetings are generally held from 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. in Hoggard Hall, Room 116.

Contact the IRB at

IRB Staff:

IRB Coordinator: Amy Evans, 910-962-3194,

Research Compliance Manager: Lee Prete, 910-962-7774,

IRB Officials:

IRB Lead Chair: Dr. Elizabeth Gazza, 910-962-7097,

IRB Co-Chair: Dr. Ricky Pond, 910-962-3372,

Institutional Official: Dr. Ron Vetter, 910-962-3224,