Office of Sponsored Programs & Research Compliance

Changes To Your Award

Budget Revisions

The grant and/or contract budget is the financial expression of the project or program for which the funds have been awarded by the sponsor. Re-budgeting of these funds must be subjected to an appropriate institutional review and approval process to avoid jeopardizing objectives set out in the agreement.

Proposed revisions in program budgets will be submitted in writing to SPARC for review of technical and legal sufficiently with respect to the provisions of the applicable contract or grant, to agency directives and regulations, and to general cost principals. In the event the proposed re-budgeting action is found to be within the delegated authority of the University, the request will be processed and an email notification sent to the PI. The proposed changes and all documentation will be incorporated in the permanent contract and grant record. Expenditures for new budget items will not be allowed until the review and approval process has been completed.