Office of Sponsored Programs & Research Compliance

faculty & students work with NC coastal federation

Grant Administration Tool Box

PI Checklist
UNCW PI Reference Handbook
Standard UNC Master SubcontractAgreement
Data management plans
document how research data will be collected, organized, stored and maintained
RAMSeS Proposal Loading Procedures
budget justification

Managing your Grant and Contract Funds
Attach documents in Ushop
Detailed instructions for attaching documents in Ushop
Umstead Act
Guidance on Universities selling goods
Budget travel
Instructions for budgeting travel at UNCW
Items Requiring Prior Approval
Create a Sponsored Projects Activity Report
How to get a report on all project expenses
Effort Certification Instructions
Certify your effort on Web-based Banner
Find answers to cost share process questions
Answers to cost share process questions
Find an expense code
Find correct expense code for Ushop and Banner systems
Follow UNCW rules for computer purchases
Information on UNCW computer purchase rules
General Hiring Information
Instructions for hiring grant funded employees
Hiring Foreign Nationals
Instructions for hiring Foreign Nationals
Hiring Graduate Assistants
Instructions for hiring GAs
Hiring SPA / EPA Employees
Instructions for hiring employees
Independent Contractor
Instructions for hiring an independent contractor.
Prepare report from RAMSeS
Instructions for running reports from RAMSeS
Reallocate salary
Instructions for reallocating salary
Register for contract and grant training
Instructions for CGT registration
Retrieve financial information from SSRS reporting
Instructions for using SSRS reporting on contracts and grants
Set up sub-awards at UNCW
Instructions for setting up sub-awards
Set up new cost share fund
Information on setting up new cost share fund
Transfer equipment into or out of UNCW
Instructions for transferring equipment

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