Office of Sponsored Programs & Research Compliance


Proposal Development

The office of Sponsored Programs and Research Compliance supports your efforts to find funding for your research and other projects and the development of your proposal. Please contact UNCW's Proposal Development Manager at 2-3809 to discuss your proposal and planned submission.

On this page, you will find links to some helpful resources as it relates to writing your proposal. Please see our Grant Services flyer for a full list of resources available.

A few helpful reminders about working with our office:

  • The sooner you are able to provide us with information about your proposal the more support we can provide. We request that you provide us with a draft of your proposal and budget at least 1 week prior to the deadline so that we can review the funder's guidelines and read your proposal to assure that you are meeting all of the criteria required.
  • The SPARC office is the only entity on campus with the authority to submit requests for external funding of any kind. Federal funding entities including the National Science Foundation, the Department of Education, the National Institutes of Health and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) do not allow individual researchers to submit proposals but rather delegate that authority to offices like ours, or what is often referred to as the SRO (sponsored research office). But regardless of where you are submitting a proposal, it needs to be reviewed and submitted by the office of Sponsored Programs and Research Compliance.
  • Your proposal will need to be reviewed by others on campus. This is done with the use of our online approval system called RAMSeS. RAMSeS routes your proposal to the appropriate approvers on campus including those in your department (and your Co-PIs department's), as well as Academic Affairs. Click here to enter RAMSeS.
  • Some agencies have restrictions on the number of proposals that can be submitted by an institution (also known as a limited submission policy). Per our Limited Submission Policy, in order to avoid conflict and to ensure equality among scholars, SPARC will have an internal review of proposals and a committee will decide which proposal will be submitted to the sponsoring agency. In the case that you are thinking of submitting a proposal that has limited submission, please be in touch with our office as soon as possible so that we can include you in the review process.