Current Initiatives

Center for Healthy Communities

The College of Health and Human Services at the University of North Carolina Wilmington (CHHS UNCW), in partnership with regional public health leadership and staff, has established the Southeastern North Carolina Regional Health Collaborative (SENCRHC) to improve individual and population/community health in southeastern North Carolina through regional programs and interventions. While the CHHS UNCW has agreed to serve as the initial organizing structure of the SENCRHC, the Center for Healthy Communities (CHC) has emerged to provide critical backbone functions that provide the guidance, coordination and communication required to maintain an effective collaborative.  The Center’s goal is to actively coordinate and facilitate the work of the collaborative.  Critical to the success of this collaborative is the ongoing coordination, communication and measurement of impact.  The Center will provide these functions.  Additionally, the CHC will provide the ongoing support for the following activities:



The iMap aims to be a comprehensive, user-friendly resource to help community partnerships select and implement evidence-based interventions to improve priority population health conditions. Existing evidence-based resources fall short of meeting the needs of practitioners because they are focused on assessing the evidence base rather than providing resources for selecting and implementing interventions. The iMap addresses this gap.

The site is currently being pilot tested by SENCRHC along with 9 community partnerships across North Carolina with the intent to use the iMap to help achieve their Healthy NC 2020 objectives related to tobacco use and physical activity and nutrition. SENCRHC has decided to use the iMap to help select and implement an evidence-based program that focuses on physical activity and nutrition in our region.

The Affordable Care Act: Education & Enrollment

SEAHEC is working with the Collaborative’s partner organizations to host a series of community education and enrollment sessions on the Affordable Care Act.


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