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"Come to the edge," Life said.
They said: "We are afraid."
"Come to the edge," Life said.
They came. It pushed them...

And they Soared.

College is about coming to the edge; the edge where growth and development occur; the edge where careers are charted and skills acquired; the edge where young person's transition into educated, community-minded, responsible citizens. Whether it is personal, social, intellectual, professional or some other form of growth, college is a time to test one's boundaries; to come to life's edge and be pushed so they can take flight.

We are excited that you are considering the School of Health and Applied Human Sciences (SHAHS) as the place that will help you soar! SHAHS is one of three schools in the College of Health and Human Services, and the tie that binds us all is a commitment to improving the health and quality of life in individuals, families, and communities. We have 6 undergraduate degree programs (Athletic Training; Community Health Education; Exercise Science; Physical Education and Health; Recreation, Sport Leadership, and Tourism Management; and Recreation Therapy) and a Master's of Science degree in Gerontology. We also recently had approved a Masters of Education concentration in Physical Education and Health. Each of these degree programs focuses on healthy living across the lifespan. Whether it is healthy living through disease prevention/health promotion, motor skill acquisition/production, or helping persons through the aging process, if you have an interest in helping others lead healthier, happier lives, this is the place for you! We invite you to explore each of our degree programs in greater depth as we are certain you will find one that really brings you to the edge and pushes you to soar.

Regardless of the degree program that interests you the most, you will find each will challenge you intellectually, experientially, and academically. Our faculty members develop personal relationships and provide students deeply engaging curricular and co-curricular experiences through participation in research, community service/service learning, field experiences, and study abroad programs. Many of our students pursue graduate education in a wide range of healthcare options including physical and occupational therapy, medicine, physician assistant, accelerated nursing, among many others. Those who enter the workforce directly have gone on to careers in healthcare facilities, resorts, and various governmental and nonprofit agencies, among other community settings.

Again, welcome to the School of Health and Applied Human Sciences. We invite you to come to the edge and soar with us!

In health,

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Chris Lantz
Director and Professor