Online Labs for PED 101

Individual Physical Activity (*required online survey for approval)
NOTE: Due to the unique nature of the online, physical activity-based, lab sections, and high number of requests, you must take a survey to determine if you meet the criteria for success in this fully online delivery format.

Students in this unique, self-directed ONLINE LAB section are required to participate in cardiovascular, resistance, and flexibility activities on their own (in any setting), while maintaining daily/weekly activity logs and diaries. Students are required to meet the minimum national physical activity and health guidelines, which includes a specific number of days/week (frequency) and minutes/day (duration) for each type of activity (see below for those requirements). Students can, however, choose the specific type (and maximum amount) of physical activity to perform for each (depending upon personal health/fitness levels, goals, and activities of enjoyment):



resistance (muscle-strength)



3 days spread throughout week

2 non-consecutive days/week

3 days/wk
(on cardio &/or resistance days)


RPE 5-6 = moderate

RPE 7-8 = vigorous

Lift to fatigue

[~55-75% of 1 repetition max (RM)]

10% beyond normal range of motion
[slight discomfort, but no pain]


150 min moderate/week
or 75 min vigorous,
or 100 min combination
(>10-minute bouts)

1 set of 8-12 reps

3-4 reps per stretch
maintain static hold 10-30 sec/stretch

(>10-minute bouts)



8-10 resistance exercises
(all major muscle groups)

8-10 static, dynamic, PNF, &/or ballistic stretches
(all major muscle groups)

Additional Online Lab - Information to Consider
ONLINE PED 101 LABS are designed for the following “type” of student, so before you even consider this as an option, HONESTLY ask yourself if MOST of the following characteristics describe you:

  1. Live at a distance from campus
  2. Junior or Senior Status (Sophomores will be considered AFTER juniors & seniors due to the number of semesters left until graduation)
  3. Already possess basic knowledge and skills regarding cardiovascular, resistance, and flexibility activities that meet your needs and can be combined to develop a safe, balanced, and enjoyable physical activity program (you will learn more in this course, but you do need to know the basics to start Individual Physical Activity Participation around week 2 or 3 of the online course)
  4. Prefer individual physical activity for a justifiable reason; and have no problem participating, recording, and reflecting on activity sessions without a specified meeting time
  5. Enjoy using technology and participating in online discussions to engage in course material
  6. Self-directed, self-motivated, and self-disciplined student/learner
  7. Currently practice effective time-management skills

If you do not possess the MAJORITY of these characteristics, then please DO NOT consider taking the ONLINE LAB.Instead, you are encouraged to register for a FACE-TO-FACE LEC/LAB, OR an ONLINE LEC/FACE-TO-FACE LAB, as you are more likely to have a successful and enjoyable experience because of having a specific meeting time and location, the interaction with classmates, and the guidance from a lab instructor for your physical activity participation and assignments.

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