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We welcome and encourage your feedback about the strategic planning process for the shared services initiative.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shared Services?

Shared Services is a customer-focused organizational model that consolidates and streamlines administrative support functions to provide the most efficient and effective service delivery possible. Typically, shared services are those that are high-volume transaction processes and those requiring specialized training or professional expertise. Through simplification, consolidation, and automation, these task-specialized models leverage economies of scale to increase service quality of administrative processes while reducing labor costs through attrition.

How will Shared Services be implemented at UNCW?

Three shared services workgroups have been charged with analyzing cross-divisional operations in the following areas: Human Resources Management and Services, Budget Management and Services, and Report Writing Services. The purpose of their evaluation is to recommend an organizational model that maintains or improves on our quality of service while saving time and/or money for the university. The groups will review the needs of campus stakeholders, gather pertinent data, and develop recommendations for review by the Shared Services Steering Committee. The Steering Committee will evaluate the information provided and propose a new organizational structure. The vice chancellors will recommend a final model and present to Cabinet for approval. The actual implementation will be dependent upon the model chosen.

Will people lose their jobs as a result of Shared Services?

Over the next twelve months, we anticipate a loss of positions through voluntary resignations and retirements. As positions become vacant, they will be evaluated by the vice chancellors to determine if the duties in the position could be absorbed in a shared services model. At the same time, we will be working together to identify administrative processes that can be streamlined, standardized, simplified, and automated to make work more efficient and improve service delivery.

How will the work groups collect the data necessary to develop their recommendations?

Each of the three workgroups will use surveys or focus groups to reach out to employees who have components of HR, budget, and/or report writing responsibilities in their current job. The intent is to collect data on the type of related work being done across campus and the amount of time it takes to accomplish those tasks.

Workgroup members and other subject matter experts may be asked for further input into process mapping to ensure a clear understanding and accurate representation of the way work is being accomplished across campus. 

After collecting and evaluating data around various transaction types, the next phase will focus on process improvements and identifying where shared services can provide enhanced business processes for the university. 

What is process mapping?

Process mapping is a tool used to understand, analyze, and document processes and activities and assist in identifying opportunities for improvement. A process map involves the thorough analysis by the subject matter experts of the sequential steps of a work process.

What do I need to do?

We need your help to identify the most efficient way to accomplish work. If you are one of the over 300 employees asked to participate in a data collection survey, focus group, or administrative process mapping, it is important that you respond. All employees can participate by sharing insights and suggestions with the work group chairs, work group committee members, or via If you are a supervisor of employees invited to a Shared Services meeting, it is important that you support their participation by providing release time.  

When will the Shared Services model be implemented?

Implementation of any recommended changes will begin with the Cabinet’s approval in order to meet an implementation date of June 30, 2014.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

Questions and comments can be emailed to

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