Pediatric Laboratory (2014)

The Pediatric Laboratory facilitates student learning of patient care skills for the pediatric population in addition to high fidelity simulation.  The Pediatric lab includes 1 adolescent care unit, 1 pediatric bed, 1 pediatric crib, a Broselow Code Cart, 1 Pediatric Wheelchair and a flat screen.  Hospital style headwall units with medical gas outlet allow for simulated bedside oxygen, air and suction. One 5 year old Pediatric HAL®, one Sim Baby™, one Vital Sim™ Nursing Baby and one Vital Sim™ Nursing Kid reside in the Pediatric Lab.

Pan-tilt cameras and microphones located above each bed and crib allow AV capture and recording from both the observation room and the remote control room.

Pediatric Observation Room(2011 B) has 2 operator chairs, mounted desk counter for simulator control equipment, talkback microphone and monitor loudspeaker to Pediatric Lab and flat panel display.

Peds lab Pediatric Lab 5 year old Pedi Hal
Pediatric Lab Pediatric Lab SimBaby
Pediatric Lab 5 year old Pedi Hal Pediatric Lab
Pediatric Lab

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