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The Sociology and Criminology
Department Office is located in Bear Hall 207
5174 Randall Drive

Wilmington, NC 28403

910-962-3420 or 910-962-3432

Campus Box 5978

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Dr. Mike Maume

Department Chair: Professor of Criminology

Dr. Mike Maume
Office: Bear Hall 207A
Phone: 910-962-7749

donna king

Professor of Sociology

Dr. Donna King

Office: Bear Hall 248
Phone: 910-962-3574

Associate Chair: Dr. Donna King

Daniel BuffingtonAssociate Professor of Sociology

Dr. Daniel Buffington

Office: Bear Hall 122

Phone: 910.962.3434

Director, Sociology and Criminology Master's Program: Dr. Daniel Buffington

Undergraduate Program Coordinator: Criminology:

Undergraduate Program Coordinator: Sociology:

Kenneth Mentor


Dr. Kenneth Mentor

Office: Onslow
Phone: 910-541-1444

Onslow Extension Coordinator: Dr. Kenneth Mentor

Shannon Santana

Associate Professor of Criminology

Dr. Shannon Santana

Office: BR 130

Phone: 910-962-2426

Internship Coordinator: Dr. Shannon Santana

For answers to general questions please contact the Administrative Associates in Bear Hall 207

Stephanie Laughter 910.962.3432

Kathy Parish 910.962.3432