AUX 7.10 - Motor Fleet Vehicle Rental
Responsible Office:   Auxiliary Services  Effective:       May  4, 2000 (Revisions Pending)
Supersedes:  February 4, 1998

Purpose Scope 
   1. Departments Authorized to Lease/Rent Vehicles
   2.  State Regulations
   3.  Use of Vehicles for Community Service
   4.  Authorization
   5.  Release of State Vehicles
   6.  Driver Compliance with Ordinances
   7.  Seat Belt Requirements
   8.  Smoking Policy

   1.  Requests for a UNCW Motor Fleet Vehicle
   2 Vehicle Checkout
   3.  Recording of Mileage
   4.  Use of Credit Cards
   5.  Accidents
   6. Vehicle Cannot be Driven or Needs Repair
   7.  Return of Vehicle at Completion of Travel
   8.  Rates and Billing
Vehicle Request and Invoice Form
  Form Instructions

Revisions effective May 4,  2000, are indicated by  .  Key revisions include the following: 

  • Tentative motor fleet reservations and the current rate charged per mile may be accessed on the Web.
  • Additional information is provided on use of credit cards for gasoline purchases.  When out-of-pocket gasoline purchases are made, contact the UNCW motor fleet office at completion of the trip.  Out-of-pocket gasoline purchases are NOT reimbursable through the normal university travel reimbursement process.
  • Departments will be charged a $25 fee if litter is not removed from the vehicle and the vehicle interior is returned excessively dirty.
  • For rental of an off-campus vehicle in the Wilmington area when a  motor fleet vehicle is not available, distribute the revised Vehicle Request and Invoice form as noted.

  •  Purpose
    Applies to all university departments and activities.


    1.     Departments Authorized to Lease/Rent Vehicles.
      Only the UNCW Motor Fleet Department and the Athletics Department may lease/rent state and university-owned vehicles. Normally, university departments rent state and university-owned vehicles from UNCW Motor Fleet. If an Athletics Department vehicle is desired, contact the Athletics Department for instructions.
      2.     State Regulations.
      North Carolina Motor Fleet Management Regulations state that:
        "State-owned passenger-carrying vehicles shall be driven only by state employees and used for official state business only. It shall be unlawful for any state employee to use a state-owned vehicle for any private purpose whatsoever. When an employee is required to use a state-owned vehicle for travel while away from his/her workstation, the vehicle may be used for travel to obtain meals and other necessities-but not for entertainment or any personal purpose. A state employee may not use a state-owned vehicle for obtaining meals unless he/she is in travel status."
      For purposes of vehicle rental, any individual paid a salary or wage by the university, including student employees, is considered a state employee.

      3.     Use of Vehicles for Community Service.
      Use of state vehicles for community services requires the prior approval of the Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs. Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action.
    4.     Authorization.
      Requests for the rental of state vehicles require authorization prior to the beginning day of travel by appropriate signature(s) on the Travel Authorization form. (See Policy 05.177 Travel Authorization for State Employees.)
      5.     Release of State Vehicles.   Release of state vehicles to university departments is subject to the following:

    AUX 7.10 - Motor Fleet Vehicle Rental

    Procedure Effective:       May 4, 2000
    Supersedes:   February 4, 1998

    1.     Requests for Rental of a UNCW Motor Fleet Vehicle.
      a.     Tentative Reservations.
    b.      Vehicle Request and Invoice Form. c.      Confirmation and Availability of Motor Fleet Vehicle. d.      Extension of the Original Vehicle Request. e.      Cancellation of the Original Vehicle Request.

    Instructions for Preparation of Forms  Effective:  May 4, 2000

    Name of Form: Vehicle Request and Invoice
    Supersedes: Feb.  4, 1998 

    A.    Where to Obtain Forms.

      Forms may be ordered from the U-Business Web site at B.     Instructions. Items on this form are self-explanatory. Therefore, additional instructions are not provided. C.     Distribution. When requesting a state vehicle: The department will complete Section I of the form, retain the goldenrod copy for departmental files, and forward all remaining copies of the form to the UNCW motor fleet office.
    If a state car is available: The UNCW motor fleet office will certify availability in Section II and distribute copies as follows:  
    White and green: Placed in the travel packet
    At month-end, the motor fleet office will forward the green copy to the requesting department, indicating the number of miles being billed and the total charges to the department.
    Canary:   UNCW motor fleet suspense copy
    Pink:  Returned to the requesting department to confirm reservations.
      If a state car is not available: The UNCW motor fleet office will certify non-availability in Section II and distribute copies as follows:
    White and green: Returned to the requesting department.

    The department will retain the green copy for departmental files and distribute the signed white copy as indicated below:

      Attach the white copy to the Travel Authorization or Travel Reimbursement:

       If requesting reimbursement for a rental car picked up in the Wilmington area from a car rental agency currently on contract. Send the white copy as an attachment to the purchase requisition If requesting rental of an off-campus van or truck (to be picked up in the Wilmington area), AND
      If incurring transportation expenses for use of an off-campus van or truck, attach a photocopy to the Travel Reimbursement.
    Canary and pink: Retained for motor fleet office files.