AUX 5.40 - Reproduction of Copyrighted Books and Periodicals
Responsible Office:   Printing Services                                      Effective:   September 25, 1995

A.    Purpose.

B.    Scope.

C.    Policy.

D.    Procedures.


Procedure No. AUX 5.40                                                      Effective: September 25, 1995

Appendix A.     Guidelines for Classroom Copying

NOTE: These guidelines apply only to copying from books and periodicals and are not intended to apply to musical or audiovisual works.

A.    SINGLE COPYING FOR TEACHERS:    A single copy may be made of any of the following items for scholarly research or use in teaching or preparation to teach a class:

B.    MULTIPLE COPIES FOR CLASSROOM USE:    Multiple copies (not to exceed in any event more than one copy per pupil in a course) may be made for classroom use or discussion, provided that:

C.    EXCEPTIONS TO A and B ABOVE:    The following shall be prohibited regardless of whether criteria are met in statements A and B above:

Procedure No. AUX 5.40                                                                  Effective: Sept. 25, 1995

Appendix B.    Definitions for Performing Tests of Brevity, Spontaneity,
                         and Cumulative Effect