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Staff Senate Scholarship

The Staff Senate Scholarship was established to foster a spirit of unity, pride and cooperation among staff members by recognizing the leadership role staff plays in the daily work of the university. This scholarship will be used to support university employees and their immediate family members seeking a degree at the university.

The Staff Senate awards two scholarships each fall and spring semester. All permanent SPA and non-teaching EPA employees (working a minimum of ¾ of the time) and their immediate family members are eligible and encouraged to apply. The employee must have been working for the university for a minimum of one year prior to the first day of the semester of the award. The recipient must have been accepted into the university and be pursuing a degree. Continuing students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 to be eligible for award. The recipient shall be selected based on need and other information provided to committee.

Fall 2014 Recipient

The Fall 2014 Staff Senate Scholarship award recipient is Karen Ladley.

2014 Staff Senate Scholarship Award Recipient - Karen Ladley

Karen Ladley joined UNCW in 2012, after 6 years with Brunswick Community College. She is currently the Coordinator of Testing Services – located in Depaolo Hall.  Karen is passionate about the field of Student Services and is pursuing her M. Ed. in the Higher Education Administration program. She hopes to complete her degree in the fall of 2015.

Karen and her husband Brian have two boys – ages 3 and 8 – which make paying for an advanced degree very challenging. Karen states, “This scholarship is so very appreciated.”

Spring 2014 Recipient

The Spring 2014 Staff Senate Scholarship award recipient is Donna Carlton

Donna Carlton Recipient of Staff Senate Scholarship Award

Donna is an administrative assistant in the English Department and is majoring in Sociology.  As stated in her application, she has taken a class each semester for over 19 years and is scheduled to graduate in the fall of 2014.  Her tenacity for striving to achieve her goal of graduating with a four year degree is one to be admired.  Donna is a true inspiration to her co-workers and students at UNCW.  Congratulations Donna!

Fall 2013 Recipients

The recipients of the Staff Senate Scholarship for the Fall 2013 award are Lisa Bertini and Kristy Burnette.

Lisa Bertini

Lisa is an office assistant in the Department of Creative Writing for over seven years.  She is a part-time graduate student in Conflict Management & Resolution and hopes to graduate in May 2014. She acknowledged that the Staff Senate Scholarship would ease some of the burden of choosing graduate school over working another part-time job.  She is happy working at UNCW and loves the warmth and support of her colleagues.

Kristy Burnette

Kristy is an administrative associate for Printing Services/Print Shop.  She is a part-time graduate student in the Masters in Public Administration and hopes to graduate in May 2014.  Once completed, her goal is to take on a management role at UNCW and be able to give back to the university from where she has received so much.  She states, “as a single mom and sole provider in my household, this has caused some financial duress and this scholarship will help alleviate some of that stress.”

The Staff Senate wishes Lisa and Kristy congratulations and all the best in their future endeavors!

Spring 2013 Recipient

Scholarship Recipient

The recipient of the Staff Senate Scholarship for the Spring 2013 award is Terrey Hatcher. She is an Administrative Associate in the Cameron School of Business. She is pursuing a graduate degree in English.

UNCW Faculty/Staff Textbook Scholarship Program

The Textbook Scholarship Program allows eligible UNCW employees to borrow required textbook(s) from the UNCW Bookstore for undergraduate or graduate classes taken by tuition benefit or fee waiver. The benefit is for used textbooks – new textbooks are provided only if used textbooks are not available. The program permits the use of required textbook(s) for two courses per academic year, and one course for each summer session.

The Textbook Scholarship covers all textbook(s) only for the class or classes listed on the approved tuition benefit or fee waiver form.


If you have any questions about the Textbook Scholarship Program, please contact Ms. Megan Allred at or 962-7145.

Global Travel Grant for Staff

The Office of International Programs and Staff Senate are pleased offer an initiative that supports UNCW’s strategic goal # 4: “to create an educational environment that encourages our students to become global citizens.” Staff play a vital role in making that goal a reality by having a global perspective on how we do our own jobs at UNCW. To that end, OIP will support international travel that will contribute to your global professional development. Apply for this unique opportunity by October 15 for travel associated with that academic year.


Feel free to contact UNCW Staff Senator, Mark Gallovic if you have any additional questions about Global Travel Grant for Staff.

Mark Gallovic
Office of International Programs
Phone: 910-962-4122

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