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August 2010

  • The Human Resources offices relocated on campus.

Resolution: Human Resources is now located back on campus in Friday Annex 178.

February 2010

  • The Police Department is a 24 hours public safety office. Could we be excluded from the requirement to have to use all compensatory time by the end of the month? It is difficult to have enough personnel coverage.

Resolution: Pending HR

February 2010

  • Could a Telecommunicator position in the Police Department be kept open at all times? It would be good to have a back-up. It would certainly help during the hiring process to bridge the gap when a position became vacant.

Resolution: Pending Police Department

February 2010

  • Could Police Department Telecommunicators be sent to some sort of stress management classes or stress relief trip at least a few times per year?

Resolution: University Police

Every year telecommunicators receive mandatory in-service trainings which help deal with the handling of potentially stressful situations and stressful calls. As far as stress management issues are concerned, they are generally handled on an individual basis. Law enforcement is inherently a stressful occupation so it is imperative for officers and telecommunicators to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. It is also important to bring stressful situations or any health concerns to a supervisor.

October 2009

  • Teach Italian

Resolution: Foreign Language

Foreign Language has been unable to locate an instructor. Otherwise, we would love to offer Italian.

October 2009

  • Could the HR 3.35 form be available through an online format?

Resolution: Human Resources

The HR 3.35 is currently a 6 part paper form used for EPA Permanent Personnel Assignments. It has been an item on our radar to see if there are ways to make it more user-friendly. This is a complex form. One option would be to make the form a fillable pdf file that would still need to be printed, copied, and manually routed for signatures. The most sophisticated version would be similar to HR Online that looks into Banner to verify certain information and routes electronically. This version would take the largest amount of time and resources which we must constantly prioritize to meet university demands.

HR will add this to the agenda for feedback at the next HR Liaison meeting in November.

October 2009

  • The temperature in Leutze is so cold! Could we turn down the air conditioning and save money?

Resolution: Physical Plant

Our standard campus temperature is between 70 F and 73 F, and our intent is for all buildings to be within this range. If it is too cold, please contact the Physical Plant – sometimes there is a control problem that we’re not aware of, sometimes the thermostat may not be accurate, etc.

October 2009

  • With the changes in plastic recycling in New Hanover County October 1,2009, is there anything we are doing to change our plastic use? For example we have to use black plastic bags to recycle shredded paper.
  • Is there something else we could use? Or is there a way to get the plastic bags back and use them again to save money and the landfills?
  • Or are there other methods of recycling the shredded paper on campus?
  • We have an excellent recycling program in place and they are doing a great job!

Resolution: Recycling

  • Shredded paper flies all over the place so we must bag it up to prevent trashing the entire campus in moving the recycled shredded paper.
  • We do combine as much of the shredded paper and other items that come in plastic bags. In most other items that have enough weight to allow us to transfer them to Gaylord containers we empty to plastic bags and reuse them as much as we can.
  • At this point in time providing the shredded paper to our collection vendor is our only method.

  • Thank you for your kind words, and please continue to provide suggestions that may help us do a better job.

September 2009

Gate this faculty and staff parking lot!

  • Classes have not even started back (August 14th), my car was blocked into the space in Lot E by cars parked on the roadway. Students feel free to park in staff spaces and make their own spaces, despite the fact that they are not supposed to be in this lot! Ticketing does not work!...
  • I arrive at work early each morning to get a parking space in Lot E. But if I need to leave at lunch, I am never sure I will be able to get back into the lot to park. I watch students park in staff spaces and head off to class, while staff drive around, searching for a space...
  • UNCW needs to follow the example of other schools and not let freshmen have cars on campus. If freshmen do have cars, they could park in one of the off campus lots
  • and shuttle to the main campus.

Resolution: Parking

Resolution Pending

September 2009

  • Temperature in most buildings on this campus is too cold! Where is all that money spent on energy over-consumption going?

Resolution: Physical Plant

Our standard campus temperature is between 70 F and 73 F, and our intent is for all buildings to be within this range. If it is too cold, please contact the Physical Plant – sometimes there is a control problem that we’re not aware of, sometimes the thermostat may not be accurate, etc.

September 2008

  • I would like some of the HR forms (Particularly the one where we can donate sick time) posted online.

Resolution: Human Resources

Many of the HR forms are posted on-line and can be found at the following link:


The form that is used for donating leave is the Application for Leave form. We will create a PDF version of this form so that it can be posted on-line. If you have questions about specific forms, please do not hesitate to call us at 962-3160.

Thank you!

October 2008

  • Flexible work schedules - Suggestions include 4 day work weeks with either Fridays off or 1/2 days on Fridays.

Resolution: Work In Process

There is currently a feasability study being conducted with regards to this issue. It has not been completed yet but when it is we all will be notified of the results.

  • Staff Discount at all dining Facilities.
  • Continued support by Chancellor & Cabinet support of Staff wellness programs at no fee. Fee free wellness programs and access to the Recreation Center reduce stress and increase work productivity.
  • Implement the possibility and/or feasibility to cross train employee's in other departments.
  • On Campus Daycare possibilities.

Resolution: Referred to Chancellors Top Ten List - Current Top Ten

  • Implement the Farmers Market on campus weekly


This is being conducted currently on campus by: H. Raven Bruno Coordinator, Southeastern NC Food Systems Project MA Public Sociology Student University of North Carolina Wilmington hrb9594@uncw.edu

Flyer - More Farmers Markets being conducted on April 16th and April 23rd.

  • More night classes


Please resubmit your suggestion with more detail so we can make sure that it is in the correct hands for consideration.

November 2008

  • Implement Higher Education Administration degree program on campus.

Resolution: In process

  • Review the use of paper in printing products to reduce waste. Articles presented both in electronic and paper form should be discontinued.


More and more we are changing how we are using paper and being more selective in how we address our use of paper.

  • Review Maternity leave benefits. Current policy is outdated and insufficient to help employee's cover the cost. Those with insufficient leave balances to at least keep their salary paid would be devestated. Salaries are not sufficient to cover the cost so benefits are important.


The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993 grants employees up to 12 workweeks’ leave for eligible family or medical leave purposes. If eligible for FMLA, the university will continue to provide medical coverage for the employee during the 12 weeks. Employees may use accrued sick and vacation leave to stay in a paid status during their leave. The Disability Income Plan, which provides benefits for employees unable to work due to a non-work related illness or injury, is administered by the Teachers’ and State Employees’ Retirement System. Waiting periods and benefits paid are determined by the North Carolina General Assembly.

December 2008

  • Since many people are having to work more than 20 or 25 years before they can retire, I feel that the state needs to reaise the vacation time earned to (after 25 yrs) 19.17, and after 30 yrs service, 21.17, ETC.


Vacation accrual rates are set by administrative code from the Office of State Personnel.

  • If a mandatory furlough be enacted it should be for all state employees and not just the UNC system.


This was addressed by the Chancellor.

  • If state employees do not receive a raise then faculty should not either.


This is a statement. The budget crisis will effect all state employees and the decision to raise or not raise salaries will be made by the legislature for positions that are paid from state appropriated money.

January 2009

  • In the past few months, I have been treated rather rudely by two different staff department employees. I would like to recommend a customer service refresher course for those departments that deal with "customers" on campus.


HR does offer customer service courses and any employee can take part in these course offerings. However, the courses are not currently mandatory.

  • I think the decision to close of Reynolds drive between Price and Cahill is creating more traffic in front of Wagoner and Student Rec. Center. Anyone leaving work or class around 5/6pm has to woait in a long line at the intersection of Price and Walton. Also, only having two exits for such a large parking aread creates a jam as well when leaving Lot S.


Facilities has heard our plea and will re-open the pre-existing entrance to Lot S off of Reynolds Drive right at the foot of Price. So the portion of Reynolds drive will still be closed, but you will be able to turn off of Price onto the old Reynolds and quickly turn right into the lot. This will help a lot, and should happen soon. We have also hired a traffic and transportation consulting firm, they are already on board and this firm is reviewing our situation in this neighborhood, encompassing Price, Walton, Cahill and parts of Reynolds in front of the deck, and especially all intersections in the area. And finally, we are going to smooth out some of the new speed humps to make them easier on our vehicles, but also add “streetprint” (the red brick paver look) to make pedestrian crossings more visible. Hope this helps. We are moving as fast as we can, as we know this is terribly congested to the point of being unsafe.

  • The charge to staff to replace an ID that was stolen is $20.00. This is wrong in that they have already been victimized once and due to no fault of their own now they must pay again to have the ID replaced?


We have no choice but to leave our policy in place. The first ID card is free for faculty/staff. Not so for students. When a card is lost or stolen, one should immediately cancel their card online or by calling Auxiliaries or Police, especially if a dollar value has been placed on the card through Seahawk bucks. But also because the card allows access to gated lots, buildings, etc. The card acts as a debit card, an access card, and an ID. We use smart chip technology in each card. The cost of the card itself is higher because of the smart chip, it has to be produced and laminated and our system controls have to be very tight to ensure there are no duplicates still in use. We have to charge for replacement cards to cover our costs. Additionally, we have many administrative procedures as it is, and verifying who has lost a card vs someone wanting a duplicate for some other reason could lead to poor controls. It will just open the system up to potential abuse. I’m sorry for this person’s loss, and I know it is probably not enough to claim on insurance and as the individual stated, feels like insult on injury, but we are not the cause of this person being a victim and we cannot make up their loss by waiving our fee. We regret we cannot help more.

March 2009

  • On Campus Financial Counseling. On campus support groups for AA, NA, AL-ANON, OA. Some sort of group support for employees to help support each other. If not on campus, then perhaps a list available to let employees know where they can go near campus for meetings.

Resolution: HR

Financial Counseling is one of many services offered through the university’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The EAP can be accessed confidentially at 1-877-327-7658

or www.eapnc.com (login username and password: EAPNC)

We currently have a very active weekly AA meeting on campus in the CROSSROADS office on Mondays from noon to 1 p.m.

CROSSROADS will happily host any 12-step group on campus by lending them space or making reservations on their behalf. Over the years, they have also hosted a NA meeting on campus.

Sometimes there is some confusion about why UNCW or CROSSROADS doesn’t establish 12-step meetings for the campus good. However, the traditions of 12-step programs are that only group members can establish and maintain a meeting. Ideally, a group has 2-3 founding members to keep it afloat. Employees who are interested in establishing a group are encouraged to contact Rebecca Caldwell at 962-7360.

Additionally, there are many options available for AA, NA and Al-Anon support groups in the Wilmington area. The following links provide meeting schedules.

AA - http://www.wilmingtonaa.org/

Al-Anon - http://www.al-anon.alateen.org/

NA - http://www.na.org/

April 2009

  • This is in regard to Leutze Hall. Why is it a handicapped person can push a button outside and enter the building hallway (this is using the side entrance near the fountain) but has to struggle to enter the classroom hallway area.

Resolution: In Process

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