Staff Senate 2014 Top Staff Priorities List


  1. CORRECT CAREER BANDS FOR STAFF: Staff salaries and cost-of-living raises are the number one concern for UNCW staff. We were given the impression, by Vice Chancellor Maimone at the March 2013 Staff Senate Forum, that by the end of Fiscal Year 2013 all staff salaries would be up to 80% of market value. The second goal he mentioned was to have all UNCW staff salaries at 90-110% of market value.
    • Are all staff salaries at this time at 80% of market value?
    • Are the university’s plans for all staff salaries to be at 90-110% of market value still on track?
    • If all staff salaries are not at 80% of market value or the university is not on track to have all staff at 90-110% of market value, then what is the university’s plans to meet these goals set by Vice Chancellor Maimone?
    • We request there be no increase in parking fees in years state employees do not receive salary increases. We request a cap in parking fee increases to same percentage amount as salary increase.
    • Staff Senate did meet with Sharon Boyd and to our disappointment Parking feels the need to continue to increase parking fees to keep this service at market value.

    • The Staff Senate is finding that annual evaluation guidelines and processes are inconsistent across campus. Human Resources provided information that they will be purchasing software to update the evaluation process across campus. We request this as a priority to be implemented soon.
    • Staff campus-wide are eager to provide feedback to their supervisors or department managers on the day-to-day operation of their department. A tool for feedback is not provided consistently campus-wide. To support this staff concern, we request that a process be implemented that all supervisors and departmental managers campus-wide are anonymously evaluated by their staff.
  4. FACULTY/STAFF TEXTBOOK SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM FOR SUMMER CLASSES: Per the Staff Senate’s request, Business Affairs has confirmed they are working on implementing a Faculty/Staff Textbook Scholarship program for Summer 2014. Fox, Patty] Completed
  5. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Since UNCW’s first purpose is a learning culture, we would like you to encourage departments to invest in their staff through professional development opportunities. We request that each department sets aside money and allotted time for staff members to attend professional training development and ensure this information is communicated to their staff.
  6. JOB FLEXIBILITY: At a time when the state is providing no or very low salary increases, we request the Chancellor to commit to encouraging supervisors and managers campus-wide to support Flexibility and Telecommuting options. This serves two purposes. The main reason is to use this as a tool to retain key, dedicated employees whose personal needs may conflict with traditional work hours. The second reason is to increase morale, loyalty and productivity with the staff.

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