Staff Senate 2013 Top Staff Priorities List


While recognizing the legalities of providing state employees with a raise, the Staff Senate implores the Chancellor to use any means to secure additional compensation for the staff at UNCW. Additionally, a reevaluation of “banding” throughout the campus is requested. Many employees believe that banding is to their detriment and that they are being compensated below market value due to this process.

Job Flexibility

Despite advances in technology and work habits, UNCW is entrenched in the office-bound 5 day 40 hour workweek. The Staff Senate requests that the Chancellor encourage supervisors to allow employees to utilize the programs currently in place towards the use of both flexible scheduling and telecommuting. Many job duties can be fulfilled through both options and would be a welcome addition to the benefits that the staff at UNCW could enjoy.


Staff Senate fully realizes that Parking and similar segments of Business Affairs are suffering the same economic realities as the staff as a whole and would like to increase, not decrease their revenue. However, the Staff Senate requests that additional options to decrease the cost of parking for employees be adopted. Additionally, we would request that electronic gates be installed for all faculty/staff parking areas.

The Establishment of an on-Campus Day Care

While recognizing the 2008 study that was performed indicated the need of an $8.5 million endowment, the Staff Senate requests that the Chancellor pursue the establishment of an on-Campus Day Care through a funding campaign for the establishment of this facility. The Staff Senate requests this become a priority for University Advancement in its next funding campaign.

Changes to Dining Services

The Staff Senate requests increased services during “off-peak” times. Often when school is not in session, the only place to eat is the Subway in the Union. Staff also requests that additional options be available for breakfast.

Smoking Areas

The Staff Senate requests an increased emphasis on the enforcement of the no-smoking areas that surround the buildings on campus. Often people smoking do not observe this policy, as there is at times, little signage posted as well as little awareness of the new policy. If necessary, the formation of more specific “smoking areas” may be required to better enforce these rules.

Professional Development

While recognizing that Business Affairs has reestablished a 3/4th time human resources consultant for professional development, the Staff Senate would request that funding be identified and allocated towards making this position full-time. Additionally, we request increased professional development opportunities targeted at career advancement.

The Establishment of Maternity / Paternity Leave

While recognizing that there exists a mechanism for this sort of leave through the shared leave program, the Staff Senate requests an emphasis be placed upon increasing this pool expressly for the purposes for maternity and paternity leave. In the event that SPA employees are governed by the UNC general Assembly, we would request that the Chancellor advocate for SPA employees to benefit from a 12-week paid maternity paternity provision.

Better Opportunities for Career Advancement

The Staff Senate requests that the Chancellor review the hiring practices for the University, as it is widely believed that current staff members are often passed over when new positions become available in the University. We would encourage that hiring practices reflect that, in the event of equal candidates, the current UNCW employee would be ranked higher in the hiring rubric.

Past Top Ten Issues - Completed

Relocation of HR

The Employee Benefits Human Resource Office is back on main campus to providing visibility and access.

Meal Plan

Offer an on campus meal plan for employees to be used at as many campus dining facilities as possible.

Thank you Business Affairs – complete

Bus Shuttle

Broaden the current bus shuttle schedule to include one earlier time slot and one later time slot.

Thank you Business Affairs – complete

Emergency Fund

Establish an emergency fund to address hardship cases in the event of RIF’s and/or furloughs

UNCW has an emergency loan program and has partnered with SECU in providing help and information to employees


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