Cornerstone - Interests


How do I sign up?
  1. Apply and be accepted to UNCW!
  2. Complete the common application for all First-Year Experience Communities here.
    *Due to the high demand of the learning communities, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible.
  3. Contract with on-campus housing and pay the non-refundable $105.00 Housing fee.
  4. Log on to Seaport to fill out Cornerstone room/roommate preference.
How long will the program last?

The courses and themes described on the Courses Offered page will be for the fall semester only. However, students in the program will live in Cornerstone Residence Hall for the entire year and some programming will continue in the spring semester.

Will I take any other courses?

The fall CLCs total eight to ten credits each. Since a typical schedule is fifteen to sixteen credits, students will take two or three regular courses in addition to the CLC courses. When you attend Orientation, academic advisors will work with you to select and register for the additional courses

I know/don't know my major. Will this affect my participation?

Since all the CLCs satisfy three University Studies requirements, which are necessary for graduation regardless of your eventual major, participating in the CLC program will still be beneficial.

Can I take only one or two courses out of a CLC?

No. Students must register for all three of the linked courses in a given CLC if they wish to be in the program. Additionally, students will not be permitted to drop or withdraw from one or two of the courses at any time in the semester.

How will the students be selected?

The UNCW Cornerstone Learning Communities(CLC) program enrolls 225 incoming first-year students on a first-come, first-served basis. The requirements to participate are admission to UNCW, an active Housing Contract to live in Cornerstone Residence Hall, and a willingness to be an active, positive member of a learning community.

What does it mean to be provisionally admitted to Cornerstone?

This means that a spot in the residence hall as well as a learning community will be held for you until you are able to come to orientation and register for courses. Once you are officially registered in a learning community and assigned a room in Cornerstone, you will be fully admitted to the program.

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