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  • Desk Receptionist - no longer accepting applications
  • Front Desk Office Assistant - no longer accepting applications
  • Assistant Residence Coordinator - no longer accepting applications
  • Resident Assistant - no longer accepting applications
  • Student Maintenance Worker - no longer accepting applications
  • Summer Conference Assistant - no longer accepting applications

Housing Operations Graduate Assistant


  • Emergency Maintenance Program
    • Develop a training program from emergency maintenance that can be used for Residence Life Staff, Night Security Personnel, and Operations Staff
    • Integrate the emergency maintenance program with the daily operations of the operations staff through coordination with the Maintenance Supervisor
    • Collaborate with appropriate University personnel for constant improvement of the system
    • Serve “on call” responsibilities for facilities related matters that involve but are not limited to the emergency maintenance program
    • Develop and keep records related to the emergency maintenance program to analyze trends and make recommendations to the Assistant and Associate Director of Operations
    • Provide training at set time intervals and upon request for the Emergency Maintenance Program
    • Collaborate with the Assistant Residence Coordinator for Seahawk Village to ensure that only trained staff work at the Emergency Maintenance Staff
  • Transition Process
    • Serve as a back up to the Assistant Director of Operations for email communications pertaining to the transition process
    • Assist it the development of affective training programs to educate staff of the Transition Process
    • Assist in maintaining accurate records
    • Serve as a liaison for contracted services during transition processes in coordination with the Assistant Director and Facilities Maintenance Supervisor
    • Assist with the distribution and collection of daily records and information during transition processes
    • Assist in the supervision of Conference Assistant Staff and their responsibilities related to the transition process
    • Serve as a primary contact for resident students during the transition process
  • Operations Procedures and Training Materials
    • Create and maintain up to date training program for the following areas:
      • Housing Facilities Overview
      • Loaner Key/Rekey Program
      • AssetWin Inventory System
      • Housing Assignments Processes
      • Health and Safety Inspections
      • RA Budgeting and Request Forms
      • Summer Staff Orientation
    • Create and maintain procedural documentation for facilities and fiscal related operations functions
    • Provide trainings and information sessions upon request for the topics outlined above
  • Facilities and Operations Publications
    • Create and maintain the following facilities related documents (not limited to):
      • Room Condition Reports
      • Facilities Fact Sheets
      • Key related documentation
    • Create and maintain a timeline for distribution of facilities related information to resident students
    • Organize and maintain facilities related calendars and provide reminders of mass notification emails
  • Other Duties as Assigned


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