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Mission Statement

In order to limit the use of single use plastic on our campus, the Office of Housing and Residence Life's goal is to implement outdoor bottleless water fountains by Move-In on Saturday, August 17, 2013. By placing ten portable hydration stations in various locations around the residence halls, we will be able to provide volunteers, incoming freshmen and families, as well as faculty and staff, with fresh drinking water. This will eliminate our consumption of single use plastic and help to protect our environment. The use of bottleless water dispensers will also serve as an opportunity to educate the community about water conservation and the importance of reducing the consumption of plastic.


In 2012, we provided our volunteers and students with 8,400 single-use disposable plastic water and Gatorade bottles. This year, we will be using zero. As an alternative, we will have a number of water hydration stations set up around campus where individuals may fill reusable water bottles and paper cone cups. In addition, ice and Gatorade powder mix will be available at each hydration station.

Hydration Stations

photoDuring Move-In Day on August, 17, 2013, Housing & Residence Life will provide twelve water dispensers from Waterboy Sports where individuals may refill their reusable bottles. These dispensers will be placed around the freshmen move-in residential areas of Belk, Cornerstone, Galloway, Graham Hall, Hewlett Hall, Honors, International, the University Apartments, University Suites, and the Office of Housing and Residence Life.

photoEach water dispenser will have eight individual drinking stations, capable of high volume use. These dispensers are also portable and easily storable, making them available for use at future outdoor events on the UNCW campus. In this way, we will be able to extend the positive environmental impact of this Bottleless Water Initiative beyond Move-In Day and well into the university's future.

The Bottle

photoTo help maintain the plastic-free status of this event, and to help all participants stay well hydrated, every volunteer will be given a reusable water bottle on Move-In Day. These 20-ounce bottles are made of stainless steel and are BPA-free. Volunteers can refill their bottles at the Hydration Stations throughout the day, and are able to keep them for their own future use. These bottles are sponsered by Housing & Residence Life, UNCW Campus Dining, the UNCW Sustainability Committee, Port City Java, and Image Promotions.

The Sticker

photoAll participants of Move-In 2013 will be provided with a Sustainable Move-In sticker. Volunteers should write their name on their sticker and attach it to their bottle, as a way to help everyone keep track of their own bottles. Signing this sticker is also a mark of a personal pledge to pursue sustainability in all areas of life.

Sustainability Facts

  • Zero single-use plastic beverage bottles this move-in - compared to last year's 8,400 bottles
  • Single-use untreated cone cups are biodegradable and recyclable
  • The info-graphic posters are made from a recyclable vinyl material
  • Hydration Stations are reusable for outdoor events and many move-in to come
  • Providing reusable water bottles to help community reduce their use of single use plastic
  • Using resources we have available at UNCW: i.e. tap water


For more information on the environmental impact of single-use plastics and the importance of reducing consumption, we recommend the following websites:

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