Key Runner

Key Runner Position Description

The Residence Life Key Runner is an administrative staff member based out of the Office of Housing and Residence Life.  The Key Runner holds an hourly appointment to provide loaner keys to residents and to assist with administrative tasks in the Housing and Residence Life Office.  The Key Runner is directly supervised by the Assistant Director of Residence Life.  The specific responsibilities for each Key Runner may vary day to day, but generally include the following:

  • Key Running:
    • During normal business hours, Housing and Residence Life will have a Key Runner available to check out loaner keys to students at the front desk of their residential area.
      • Key Runners meet residents at the front desk of the respective building and follow proper procedures to verify the resident’s identity and check out the appropriate key.
  • Office Assignments:
    • Answer phones and provide general customer service in the HRL Office.
    • Assist area HRL Office Staff as needed.

Position Expectations, Policies, & Procedures

Academic Eligibility

Student staff members are required to have and maintain a 2.5 GPA.


  • Key Runners should work to establish clear and open lines of communication with their supervisor and other staff members of the Office of Housing and Residence Life.


  • Key Runners are expected to maintain confidentiality in regards to information about employees, information received from other staff members, or information discussed as a staff.
  • Key Runners should always be cautious of those they share information with.

Duty Keys

  • Key Runner keys should be picked up when arriving for a shift.  These keys include:
    • RA Office Key
    • Key Box Key
    • Golf Cart Key
  • Office keys should be returned each day before leaving a shift.

Golf Cart

  • When completing a key run the Key Runner can utilize one of the golf carts.  HRL will always try to have one cart at the HRL Office for this purpose.
  • When using the golf cart the Key Runner should be courteous and respectful to all pedestrians.  Sidewalks and roads can be utilized, but high traffic sidewalks should be avoided if possible.  Reckless use of the cart is unacceptable.  Use common sense and common courtesy.
  • When completing a key run the key runner should drive to the residence hall and directly back to the HRL Office.

Loaner Keys

  • Key Runners are responsible for properly filling out key cards and loaner key forms.  Please see the loaner key process for details.
  • If a Key Card is missing, the Key Runner should have a student fill out a new card before checking out a loaner key.
  • Each Key Card accounts for only one key.   Any time a room is re-keyed, the old key should be signed in on the Key Card for that key and a new Key Card completed for the new key.  Old Key Cards should be filed in a separate box.
    • Key Cards should not be stapled to one another or “recycled” by changing the key code when a room is re-keyed.

Office Assignments

  • Key Runners are part of the HRL student office staff.  When a Key Runner is not out of the office for a “key run,” then they should be available for additional office assignments.  This can range from answering telephone calls to stuffing envelopes. 
  • Please check with the office staff to see if they need any assistance before you work on homework or other personal task.


  • Key Runners may not begin working until ALL paperwork has been accounted for and processed.
  • Key Runners are responsible for clocking in or out using “Timeclock” at the beginning and end of each shift.
  • Key Runners need to turn in a timesheet each month and are responsible for ensuring that timesheets are an accurate reflection of hours worked.  “Timeclock” and timesheets should reflect one another.


  • Key Runners should carry the HRL radio with them when completing key runs in order to stay in touch with the HRL Office.
  • The Radio should be used in a professional manner at all times.  University Police and Environmental Health and Safety share our radio frequency.


  • If a student loses a key or has a key stolen and wants to have the lock changed immediately, inform them that they are responsible for all costs.  In order to have the room re-keyed:
    • Fill out a Maintenance Request form indicating the hall, room number, and person requesting the re-key.
    • Write “Re-Key” in the description.  Include the reason for the re-key.
    • If a student is responsible for the charges, fill in the charge section of the form indicating who is to be charged, their student ID number, and the $25.00 charge.
    • Turn the Maintenance Request Form in at HRL
    • Place the yellow card vertical in the back of the “yellow card key box” so that the Key Coordinator can process the paperwork accordingly.
  • If a student’s room has been re-keyed, then a new yellow card must be created.  The old key card needs to be placed vertical in the back of the “yellow card key box” so that the Key Coordinator can process the paperwork accordingly.

Role Model

  • As a representative of the Office of Housing and Residence Life and UNCW, the Key Runner is expected to be a positive role model at all times.
  • Key Runners are expected to know and abide by all Housing and Residence Life and University policies.
  • Key Runners are expected to be supportive of the Office of Housing and Residence Life and UNCW at all times.

Time Off

  • Absences from a scheduled shift must be requested in advance with the exception of illness or emergencies.

Hours of Employment:

The Key Runner will work in conjunction with the Assistant Director of Residence Life to schedule their own hours.  Key Runner hours should never exceed 40 per week.


The Key Runner is compensated with an hourly wage.  Holidays are determined by the University and are paid at time and a half.  The normal hourly wage is as follows:
Hours worked 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.           $ ________/hour
**The Key Runner will be considered for hourly wage increase after one year of service.  The Key Runner must be in good standing in the position and be recommended for the increase by his/her direct supervisor.

I acknowledge that I am aware of the Statement of Confidentiality contract and understand that I am responsible for reading and signing it before I begin work as a Key Runner here at UNCW.

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