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*Keep in mind that your application process is not finalized until you complete and submit all of the following:

  • Online application

  • Resume

  • List of references

  • List of activities

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Please email answers as Word attachment to with subject titled "RA Application"

List your anticipated co-curricular involvements for the coming academic year.  Indicate any officer or leadership position you plan to hold in each organization. 

• How many hours a week do you anticipate spending on each activity? 

How might these activities affect your RA position?


Three references must be submitted for this application to be complete.  Appropriate references may include an RA, RC, faculty or staff member, current or former employer, volunteer - experience supervisor or other work / performance - related reference.  Please avoid asking friends and family members to submit reference forms for you.

Please enter the information for your references: Please use 150 characters or less for how they know you!


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A resume must be submitted for your application to be complete.  You can either mail your resume to the Office of Housing and Residence Life or email an Acrobat or Word file as an attachment to Andrea Swanson.

Your resume should include the following:

  • Full name

  • Local and permanent addresses, with corresponding phone numbers

  • E-mail addresses

  • Education, with anticipated date of graduation

  • Any previous work or volunteer experiences.  For each position, list your position title; primary responsibilities; dates employed; and the name, address and phone number of the employing organization

  • Campus leadership experiences that could contribute to your effectiveness as a member of the Housing and Residence Life Staff (ex. Area Chapter, Residence Hall Association, Student Government Association, Emerge, Judicial Board, club positions, etc.)

  • Co-Curricular memberships, involvements and special interests (ex. clubs, sports, organizations, hobbies.)

  • Honors and awards received.  Include the dates you earned the recognition.

  • Names, positions, employing organizations and phone numbers of three work or performance-related references who will submit reference forms on your behalf.

*Consider taking advantage of the staff and resources at Career Center to help your resume.


By clicking the "Submit" button, I agree to the following terms:

I wish to apply for a Resident Assistant position at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.  I certify that all application statements are true, to the best of my knowledge.  I authorize the Office of Housing & Residence Life to solicit any information, from a variety of sources, regarding my candidacy. I have read and understand the job.  In submitting this application, I express my willingness to accept all the responsibilities of the Resident Assistant position.  I fully understand, if appointed, I am expected to work an entire academic year.  I also understand that, by submitting this application, I authorize the Office of Housing & Residence Life to access my grade point average, and judicial record throughout my candidacy and employment.

Please remember your application is not finalized until you complete and submit the following:

  • online application

  • resume

  • list of references

  • list of activities


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