National Student Exchange

Incoming Students

When to Register
As an incoming NSE student, you will register for courses at UNCW:

  • Fall Semester: in the early summer, around mid- to late-June
  • Spring Semester: in November for students staying the full-year, in December for incoming spring students

Special Registration Notice
You will register for classes after all other regular UNCW students.  Because of this, classes are often difficult to attain.  Be persistent, yet patient and polite with professors. It's likely you'll have to register during the Drop/Add Period. Your NSE coordinator won’t register you for classes.  This is student’s responsibility. 

Please note, you must first return all UNCW NSE application materials and receive your registration PIN number before you will be able to register for classes. 

For course descriptions, refer to the UNCW web catalogue.

For a listing, by term, of which classes UNCW will offer, please refer to the Term Catalog.
Once you have your PIN and have been told you can register, you'll do so in SeaNet.  I think you will find it quick and painless.  You will be able to access course listings, as well as course availability and descriptions on the web site. 

*Attention: Those wishing to register for business courses need to first contact the NSE Coordinator with a list of desired courses.  The coordinator will work with the Cameron School of Business to get you approval on a course by course basis.  The CSB will only work with students who are official Business Majors on their home campus. Course placement is not guaranteed.

How to Register
1. On the specified dates for pre-registration, you should again go to SeaNet and this time you will again click on “Drop/Add Classes.”
2. Work to develop your schedule by dropping and adding courses until you have a full schedule.
Please be aware that if the message "Closed by Restriction" is received during registration for a UNCW course (more than likely due to pre-requisites), it is the student's responsibility to contact the professor/department for that course about admission. UNCW's NSE Coordinator will send the student's transcript to the professor if he/she personally requests it, but will not contact the professor for the student about being registered.

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