National Student Exchange

Incoming Students


As an NSE student at UNCW, you are required to live on-campus in the University Apartments.  The apartments are close to classes and are typically filled with upper-class students. 

It is possible, if you request it, to choose your roommates, as long as they are also NSE students. 

Required paperwork: You will complete your housing contract online once accepted. Fill out and submit the contract along with a $105 housing deposit.

Meal Plans, Parking Registration, E-Bill

mySeaport covers many of things you’ll need to do for on-campus living.  Go to  Here you will have access to your email, blackboard, and on-campus service. 

For information on meal plans, parking registration, your student e-bill, and more, click on the ‘Student Services’ tab within MySeaport. 

Meal Plan
You are required to choose a meal plan. Pick the one that best fits you, keeping in mind that, as a resident of the University Apartments, certain meal plans may not be available for you.

Parking Registration
While not entirely necessary, cars are a nice convenience in Wilmington.  If you do bring a car, you’ll need to purchase a permit in order to park on campus.

No, you’re not paying tuition here, but you will have a few things charged to your UNCW student account, and it’s incredibly important that you check this each month.  Your e-bill will include charges like housing, meal plans, parking permits, your NSE activity fee, and any lab fees you may have. 

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