National Student Exchange

Interested Students

  • NSE guarantees that all credits transfer back to UNCW.  While your grades on exchange will not impact your UNCW GPA, they will impact your overall graduating GPA.   Classes still count towards student academic progress.
  • Students need to pass the classes at their host institution with a minimum of a C in order for the credit to transfer back.
  • Students must work with their academic advisors to fill out transient study forms prior to their enrollment at the host institution.  Also, students must send official transcripts at the end of each semester/quarter while on exchange in order for the credits to transfer.
  • Course availability varies from institution to institution.  While certain institutions will have more flexibility and availability than others, as with at UNCW, courses cannot be guaranteed.
  • Certain institutions have limited or closed programs; this means that those departments have either limited course availability for NSE students or no availability.  Please discuss limited and closed programs with the NSE coordinator prior to choosing your preferred institutions.   The NSE Directory has a listing of limited or closed programs.
  • The NSE Website has a listing of majors and/or departments offered at each institution.

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