National Student Exchange

Interested Students

NSE is not guaranteed and does require an application process.  Certain schools can only accept a small number of students, and are therefore more competitive.  Here’s a quick guide to understanding placement…your NSE coordinator will help make this clearer during your information sessions. 

Placement Codes are found in each school profile on the NSE Website .  These Codes help determine how many students a school will accept, and therefore how difficult it is to get placement at that school. UNCW only participates in PLAN B, so make sure to use only the Plan B Code to guide your decisions. 

The school will take any qualified (2.5 GPA or better) candidate for exchange. It is always good to include at least 1 open school when applying in order to guarantee yourself acceptance. 

The school will take more students than they are sending out that year.  Not an open school, so they will not take everyone, but they have the flexibility to accept a large amount of students.

The school will take only as many students as they are sending out that year.  If they only send out 7 students on Plan B, they will only accept 7 students on Plan B.  Depending upon the school, this can make acceptance quite competitive. These schools tend to be First Choice only. 

The school will only take someone from UNCW if someone from their institution requests and is accepted for placement at UNCW.  These schools can be incredibly competitive for placement and are definitely First Choice only. 

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