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Summer II bills will be issued on June 2nd. Payment is due on June 22nd. Non-payment of this bill will result in Summer II classes being cancelled.

Fall/Spring 2017 Out of State


Click here to download Campus Rates (Fall 2015, Spring 2016,) PDF version

Mandatory Fee Allocation


Reflects Mandatory Fee & CITI Tuition Increases (including year 1 of "Catch-Up")

Out-of-State Tuition ED & Technology Fees



Mandatory Fees Total Out-of-State
1-5 hours 2,290.56 61.62 3.75 259.40 2,615.33
6-8 hours 4,581.13 123.24 7.50 518.30 5,230.17
9-11 hours 6,871.69 246.48 15.00 1,036.11 8,169.27
12 or more 9,162.26 246.48 15.00 1,036.11 10,459.84

Graduate Student Rates

Out-of-State   ED & Technology Fees



Mandatory Fees Total Out-of-State  
1-2 hours 2,083.40   61.62 3.75 136.46 2,285.23  
3-5 hours 4,166.80   123.24 7.50 139.46 4,437.00  
6-8 hours 6,250.19   246.48 15.00 554.93 7,066.60  
9 or more 8,333.59   246.48 15.00 1,036.10 9,631.17  

MBA Program

Out-of-State ED & Technology Fees Security Fee Mandatory Fees Total Out-of-State
1-2 hours 2,151.16 61.62 3.75 136.46 2,352.99
3-5 hours 4,302.32 123.24 7.50 139.46 4,572.52
6-8 hours 6,453.47 246.48 15.00 554.93 7,269.88
9 or more 8,604.63 246.48 15.00 1,036.10 9,902.21

MSAC Program

Out-of-State Technology Security Fee Mandatory Fees Total Out-of-State
1-2 hours 2,151.16 61.62 3.75 136.46 2,352.99
3-5 hours 4,302.32 123.24 7.50 139.46 4,572.52
6-8 hours 6,453.47 246.48 15.00 554.93 7,269.88
9 or more 8,604.63 246.48 15.00 1,036.10 9,902.21

Education and Technology Fee explanation

The Education and Technology Fee (ETF) advances the quality of learning experiences and outcomes for students. It does this by embracing emerging opportunities that differentiate the learning experience beyond what appropriated funding allows, while remaining accountable to students, the university, and the state, for return on technology investments.

Examples include but are not limited to equipment, software applications, supplies for educational materials, laboratory expenses, student computing labs and facilities, connectivity infrastructure and services to support student learning, learning spaces, and field trips.

Security Fee

To assist in Campus-based and UNC system-wide safety and new security initiatives, staffing and security measures.

Mandatory Fee Allocation

Annual Amount Percentage
Student ServicesStudent Services- supports operating costs associated with graduation commencement activities in December and May. 24.00 1.158%
*Athletics Athletics – supports the university’s participation in competitive sports as a NCAA Division I member. Division I members must sponsor a minimum of seven varsity intercollegiate sports programs for both male and female participants or six male and eight female programs. Funds support salaries for coaches and staff, student-athlete scholarships, operating costs, team travel etc. 724.55 34.965%
Health Health - supports Student Health Services (SIS) mission to provide student-centered, affordable, quality health and preventive services to UNCW students. The Health Services Fee supports all aspects of the Abrons Student Health Center including medical services, health promotion and pharmacy as well as CROSSROADS: Substance Abuse Prevention and Education. 190.50 9.193%
MediaStudent Media - suports student media operations, including Seahawk newspaper, Atlantis and Teal TV. 12.50 0.603%
SGA SGA - supports Student Government Association, an organization, the purpose of which is to appropriate student activity money and to finance activities that enrich and improve the quality of university life and to further and uphold the best interests of the students and other members of the UNCW community. Funding supports SGA operations, ACE (Association for Campus Entertainment), Sports Clubs and Student Clubs / Organizations. 53.00 2.558%
*Student UnionStudent Union - supports the activities Campus Life Arts and Programs, Campus Activities and Involvement and Campus Life Facilities and Services and operations of the Campus Life facilities, including Fisher Student Center, Warwick Center, Fisher University Union, Burney Center and University Commons. 138.00 6.660%
Recreation & IntramuralsRecreation & Intramurals - directly supports the operating budget for expenses associated with Student Recreation Center and provides multi-faceted programs that include: Aerobics/Fitness Programs, Intramural Activities, Discover Outdoor Programs, Sports Clubs and Special Events. 253.00 12.209%
PostalPostal - supports UNCW's full-service U. S. Postal Service contract station located in Fisher University Union designated to serve UNCW students. 15.00 0.724%
Athletic Facilities OperatingAthletic Facilities - supports upkeep and maintenance of athletic facilities and fields; including Trask Coliseum, Hanover Hall, the Natatorium area, the Strength Center and all outdoor athletic facilities, which includes Boseman Field, Brooks Field, two practice baseball fields, the Greene Track, the UNCW Tennis Courts, the Soccer Complex and the golf practice area. 107.50 5.188%
Cultural Events- Academic AffairsCultural Events - supports cultural initiatives presented by numerous offices on campus; including the latest information about upcoming concerts, theatre productions, art exhibits, films and festivals on campus and in our community; thus ensuring that UNCW's students and the surrounding community have the opportunity to experience first-hand the transforming reality of performing and fine arts. 40.15 1.938%
Union Expansion DebtUnion Expansion Debt - supports bonded debt associated with contruction of Student Support building expansion facility. 175.00 8.445%
Westside Expansion DebtWestside Expansion Debt - supports bonded debt associated with construction and renovation of Westside Hall. 5.00 0.241%
Recreation Expansion DebtRecreation Expansion Debt - supports bonded debt associated with construction of the Student Recreation Center Expansion. 201.00 9.700%
*TransportationTransportation - supports students with bus transportation in and around campus, commonly referred to as Seahawk Shuttle, as well as bike racks, bus stop benches and shelters, improved crosswalks, and general improvement to campus transportation infrastructure. 90.00 4.343%
LeadershipLeadership - supports operating costs associated with Center for Leadership Education and Service (CLES) which provides opportunities for leadership development and civic engagement to UNCW students. 23.00 1.110%
*Green Initiative Green Initiative- To promote sustainability and sustainable initiatives at UNCW, including but not limited to, energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservations, storm water management, waste reduction, and sustainability research. 10.00 0.483%
ID/Debit CardID/Debit Card - supports operating costs associated with UNCW One Card, UNCW's official identification card that contains students' meal plan accounts and Seahawk Bucks debit accounts for use in a wide variety of on campus locations. The card provides privileges and access for students, faculty and staff, such as admissions to UNCW sporting, arts and entertainment events, free ridership on the Seahawk Shuttle and WAVE transit buses, and access to residential halls and academic and administrative buildings (as authorized). The card may also be used to access savings with local vendors off campus. 9.00 0.434%
Assoc of Student Gov't"Assoc of Student Gov't - supports UNC-system level organization that champion the concerns of students and ensures affordability and accessibility to quality education today and tomorrow. " 1.00 0.047%
Total Mandatory Fees 2,072.20 100.00%
Semester Amount 1,036.10

*Reflects changes since 2015-16


CITI tuition & fee rates approved by BOG February 27, 2015. Revoted in BOG meeting March 3, 2016.



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