First in the Family

A companion to First in the Family: Your High School Years, this next-step guidebook straight from their peers tells first-generation college students how to stay in college and graduate.

Unleashing Suppressed Voices

Unleashing Suppressed Voices on College Campuses provides a comprehensive and inclusive lens of diversity for nearly every aspect of higher education: academic affairs administration, faculty tenure and promotion, student affairs administration, student athletes in revenue-producing sports, enrollment management, and business. It addresses relevant concerns for faculty who teach in higher education and student affairs graduate preparation, social foundations of education, counseling, educational psychology, educational policy, and educational leadership and administration programs, and can be used as a training manual for new and continuing faculty and staff in student, business, and academic affairs as well as governance.

Reflecting Back, Looking Forward

Historically, colleges and universities have been the battleground for many important civil rights concerns. Reflecting Back, Looking Forward contains 18 first-person narrative accounts taken from author's interviews with student affairs administrators from the civil rights era. Introductory and summary chapters illuminate lessons that are relevant to today's campuses as they struggle to deal with issues of equity and diversity.

Towards Acceptance

Toward Acceptance is a systematic study of the complex issues facing gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered persons on college campuses. Organized into five distinct sections, "Toward Acceptance" builds on the content included in Evans and Wall's previous book, "Beyond Tolerance: Gays, Lesbians, and Bisexuals on Campus" (American College Personnel Association, 1993). The editors begin with an overview of the current research dealing with gay, lesbian and bisexual student issues and then move into a discussion of the organizations promoting awareness and counseling. The latter portion of the book focuses on diversity among the gay and lesbian community and concludes with an examination of how student affairs professionals can continue to be proactive in the area of sexual orientation awareness and support.

Creating Inclusive Campus Environments

Diversity, multiculturalism, and inclusion are values espoused by most colleges and universities; yet many educators, including those in student affairs, expect students to "magically" interact with peers from different cultural backgrounds on their own. With recent calls for accountability in higher education, it is more important than ever for educators to reconsider ways in which they prepare students for participation in a diverse democracy. Creating Inclusive Campus Environments for Cross-Cultural Learning and Student Engagement shows how to capitalize in educationally meaningful ways on the diversity that exists on campuses across the nation. It offers forward-thinking strategies and examples of good practice that will reshape the way readers think about approaching the work of multicultural education.

Beyond Tolerance (Campus Religious Diversity)

This makes his book immensely valuable: he has the careful scholarship of an academic, but the communication expertise of a journalist skilled at getting to the personal heart of a story. Not long after 9/11, Niebuhr set out to find and tell the largely untold stories of those who are involved in interreligious dialogue: why do they do it? what do they gain from it? what do they risk? True dialogue, as the title claims, means moving beyond tolerance, approaching other religious traditions with a desire to learn and, perhaps more important, to make friends. Niebuhr tells memorable stories of people reaching across religious lines, from a group of Cape Cod Congregationalists who gave a Jewish community a historic building, some land and some money to create a synagogue to the energetic individuals who founded Louisville's famous Festival of Faiths. Niebuhr beautifully honors the commitment and care shown by those working on the front lines of interreligious understanding.

Multicultural Competence in Student Affairs

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