Student Affairs Diversity Committee

Areas of Responsibility

General Committee Management

  • Serve as a liaison with the Office of the Vice Chancellor
  • Conduct bi-weekly committee meetings
  • Participate in bi-monthly meetings with the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
  • Serve as the Division of Student Affairs Liaison to the UNCW Diversity Council
  • Oversee the committee budget

Website Development and Maintenance (Danette Brown)

  • Collect and maintain a database of DC opportunities (Presentations, etc.)
  • Create and disseminate promotional materials (electronic and paper) to constituents throughout the division which highlight programs and offerings from the committee
  • Outreach to Student Affairs departments and student organizations to market potential Diversity programs for staff, peers, and students
  • Review current DC web content and make recommendations for further development
  • Post accurate and timely information related to the DC's mission including but not limited to ongoing programs & campus/community resources, etc.
  • Provide assistance related to online assessments (surveys, etc.)
  • Ensure both the Chair and Vice Chair have access to serve as secondary webmasters to DC site

Assessment (Evaluations and Feedback) (Katie Kolkmeier)

  • Develop assessment tools for gathering DSA staff member feedback including but not limited to program evaluations and online surveys
  • Monitor account for ongoing recommendations/feedback
  • Create reports and make recommendations to the DC based on feedback received

UNI Presentations (Clifton Williams)

  • Develop presentation outline (including materials/handouts if applicable) for an introductory course on diversity
  • Develop a secondary presentation outline (including materials/handouts if applicable) for an follow-up course on diversity
  • Correspond with University College and UNI instructors to promote presentation scheduling (Fall and Spring)
  • Train and coordinate DC members to ensure presentation consistency and availability
  • Develop homework assignment as a follow-up to the presentation and provide to instructors as an additional optional resource to help further discussion
  • Assess presentation as needed (including solicitation of student and instructor feedback)
  • Develop presentation outline (including materials/handouts if applicable)

Student Organization Leadership Conference (SOLC) & UNCWelcome (vacant)

  • Coordinate the development of conference proposals (1-3)
  • Coordinate facilitators for all possible dates - actual, hurricane and makeup
  • Develop handout for participant binders to advise of campus resources, DC initiatives, etc.
  • Represent the DC in collaborative efforts with the UNCWelcome Chairs as they identify and confirm a facilitator for the annual student diversity training
  • Develop learning objectives and communicate with trainer
  • Coordinate student diversity training including application, selection, and communication with participants
  • Make appropriate room reservations (including room setup and technology if applicable)
  • Coordinate presence of DC members
  • Assess the program and provide feedback to DC members and UNCWelcome chairs

Student Training (employees and non-employees) (vacant)

  • Work with Marketing chair to develop and implement a marketing tool to promote consultation and utilization of DC members for student trainings
  • Serve as the coordinator for any student training requests and collaborate with sponsoring department/organization to establish learning objectives and develop program
  • Coordinate facilitators as needed
  • Make appropriate room reservations (including room setup and technology if applicable)

Leadership UNCW (Jen Adler)

  • Serve as a liaison with the Center for Leadership Education and Service as it relates to the social justice certificate
  • Train DC members on workshop facilitation (offer as DSA in-service training)
  • Coordinate ongoing presentations for each semester and submit schedule to CLES including but not limited to scheduling facilitators and making appropriate room reservations
  • Develop unique questions connected to the learning objectives for each workshop for evaluation forms
  • Continually work to evaluate the effectiveness of current presentations & develop new presentations

Orientation (Courtney Simmons)

  • Develop timeline for preparation and delivery of freshman orientation session (Fall and Spring admits)
  • Solicit feedback from DC members and Transition Programs on the previous year's session
  • Establish learning objectives that align with objectives set by Transition Programs
  • Coordinate the development of presentation including audio-visual presentation, handouts, etc. (including accessible formats)
  • Recruit, train, and schedule facilitation pairs for all orientation sessions (fall and spring)