Purpose of SOC

Taken from the Code of Student Life


Student Organizations Committee (SOC), a standing advisory committee of the chancellor, has the responsibility of reviewing all student organizations for registration and recommending policy and processes to the chancellor. The committee has 15 members: five students appointed by SGA for one year, renewable terms, and five faculty appointed by the chancellor for three-year terms. The Dean of Students, the Executive Director of Campus Life, the Director for Campus Activities & Involvement,   the Assistant Director for Campus Activities & Involvement, and the Coordinator for Multicultural Student Organizations are all ex-officio members and serve as advisors without a vote.

A chairperson will be elected each year by majority vote and will begin his/her term with the first meeting of the fall semester. The position of the chairperson is only open to voting members of the committee. The Assistant Director for Campus Activities & Involvement will fulfill the role of the convener and will work with the chairperson to prepare for all meetings. The chairperson shall attend and preside over all meetings. S/He shall also sign all official documents of the SOC.

The convener shall call meetings and arrange to notify members of the committee with a minimum of four days advance notice. S/He shall also maintain all minutes and official documents and keep accurate files in the Campus Activities & Involvement Center.

The chairperson may be removed from office by a two-thirds majority vote of the SOC for non-fulfillment of duties. In the event that the chairperson leaves or is removed before completing the term of service, a replacement will be elected by the voting members to serve to the end of the term.

Responsibilities of the committee include:

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