Starting a New Registered Student Organization

Step by Step Procedures

  1. Turn in an Intent to Register Form form to the Involvement Center and include a purpose statement for the organization. The purpose statement needs to outline goals and objectives of the organization
  2. The CAIC staff will then contact you regarding your provisional status. With provisional status a student organization has 30 days to reserve meeting space for basic organizational meetings and post flyers for recruitment purposes. However, they are not allowed to conduct fundraising activities or hold major events until they are granted full registration status with the University
  3. Review the Constitution Template
  4. Schedule a meeting with a member of the CAIC staff for help with writing your constitution or to better define your organization’s purpose
  5. Turn in a constitution within 30 days of submitting the Intent to Register form. Failure to submit a constitution will result in the loss of provisional status and, thus, suspension of the organization's use of university facilities.
  6. Meet with a CAIC staff member to review the constitution.
    1. The revision process may take time, but be patient. If changes are needed, a revised copy must be submitted to the CAIC before the document can go before the Student Organizations Committee (SOC) for review. Note: The SOC meets during the fall and spring semesters, but not over the summer
  7. Hear back from the SOC. You should be notified of this decision within five working days of the date of the meeting. The SOC may approve your constitution, approve the constitution with revisions, request that the organization revise the constitution and resubmit for further review, or not approve a new organization. If your organization is approved with revisions then you must come in for another meeting to discuss changes to the constitution and submit a revised version. When the revisions meet the SOC’s standards, the organization may then register with the university.
  8. Register your new organization. A new organization has one month to register after being notified of the SOC decision. Registration includes providing CAIC with contact information for official student representatives and meeting with a CAIC staff member to review UNCW policies. All organizations must re-register every fall semester. A signed copy of the constitution will be kept on file in the Involvement Center and must be updated annually or whenever a change occurs.

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