The Bachelor of Social Work Program

The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree

  • provides an undergraduate educational program well-grounded in the profession of social work as represented by the Council on Social Work Education,
  • responds to the need for professionally-trained social workers in human and social services in the state and region,
  • creates an academically sound professional educational process consistent with the larger purposes and mission of UNCW.

BSW degree graduates are employed by departments of social services, school systems, medical facilities, nursing homes, and many other human services agencies. They work with children, families, and community groups to enhance personal and interpersonal functioning. They also engage in public policy development and philanthropic work that furthers social and economic justice.

The UNCW BSW Program follows a “generalist” model of social work education, with an emphasis on the “strengths-perspective” of social work practice. This means that UNCW BSW students obtain a well-rounded social work education in all areas of BSW-level practice, with a specialized knowledge of the strengths perspective, which honors client resiliency.

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