Solution Focus
Solution Focused Training and Consultations for Individuals, Agencies and Communities

Future workshops and presentations by topic, conducted by Strengths Collaborative Associates are listed below.

Agency Development

  • Creating Your Own Successful Private Practice by Melissa Wilson
  • Myers Briggs Team Building by Melissa Wilson


  • Empowerment Strategies for Working with People Living with HIV/AIDS by Brent Cagle

Caregiver Support

  • Caregiver Issues in Social Work Employment by Deb Bowen
  • Caring for the Caregiver by Deb Bowen
  • Devloping a Caregiver Support Program by Deb Bowen
  • Strengths-Based Support for Caregivers, the Terminally Ill and the Dying by Deb Bowen

Child Welfare and Department of Social Services

  • Solution-focused Therapy: Philosophy and Technique by Melissa Wilson
  • Solution-focused Practice in Child Protective Services: The Safety Light Experiment by Bob Blundo
  • Strengths-based Practce for DSS Workers: The Rhetoric of Social Justice in Child Protective Services by Melissa Wilson, Bob Blundo, Jeanne Denny

Children and Families

  • Breaking the Runaway Adolescent Cycle: Effective Interventions by Brent Cagle
  • Building Success for Workers and Families by Bob Blundo, Gwen Clark, Fay Smith
  • Challenging the Hegemony of Parenting Skills Classes: Building on the Strengths of African-American Women in Public Housing Solution-focused System Building by Melissa Wilson
  • Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse by Melissa Wilson
  • Significance and Value of Birth and Extended Families for Abused and Neglected children and Youth by Brent Cagle
  • Solution-focused Therapy with Children by Melissa Wilson

Strengths-Based Helping Relationships

  • Strength-Based, Postmodern Therapeutic Approaches: New Ways of Understanding by Chris Hall
  • Reducing Practioner Privilege in the Therapeutic Relationship by Chris Hall

ClientDirected Outcome Informed Approaches

  • An Overview of client directed Outcome Informed (CDOI) Approaches and Practice-Based Evidence by Chris Hall
  • Client Direction of Practice and teh Social Construction of Clinical Treatment Models by Chris Hall

Clinical Supervision

  • Models and Skills in Strengths Based Supervision by Chris Hall
  • Strengths-Based Clinical Supervision by Melissa Wilson

Cognitive Therapy and Strengths

  • What is Cognitive Therapy and Can it be Used in a Strengths-Based Way? by Chris Hall

Conflict Resolution

  • Conflict Resolution from Strengths by Melissa Wilson

Disaster Relief

  • Mental Health Services and Disasters by Deb Bowen
  • Survivorship in teh Face of Disasters: A Strengths/Solution Based Perspective by Bob Blundo, Melissa Wilson

Education and Teaching Strengths-Based Practice

  • Six Applications of Social Constructionish Theory to MSW Curriculum by Chris Hall
  • Strengthening Children and Families Requires a Fundamental Alteration of the BSW Curriculum by Bob Blundo

Elderly Population and Strengths

  • Suicide and the Elderly by Deb Bowen

Evidence and Persond Centered Practice

  • A Feminist/Strengths Exploration of Evidence-Based Practice by Chris Hall
  • What the #%@ is Practice Evidence?: A Practicitioner's Guide to Clinical Research by Chris Hall

Field Supervision from a Strengths Perspective

  • Strength Based Field Supervision by Jeanne Denny, Melissa Van Kirk, Chris Hall

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning (LGBTQ)

  • A Grounded Theory of Emerging Adulthood: Gay Young Men in the Carolinas by Brent Cagle
  • Agency-Building and Social Work Professionalization: A View From Queer Youth Organization by Brent Cagle
  • Being Who You Are, Where You Want to Be by Brent Cagle
  • Bringing it out in the Open: Using Case Method to Explore Spirituality and Religion by Brent Cagle
  • Development Theories for Queer Individual and Queer Organizations: From Concept to Celebration by Brent Cagle
  • Gay Men, Transitioning to Adulthood: Resilience, Resources, and the Larger Social Environment by Brent Cagle
  • Issues Facing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Youth by Brent Cagle
  • Solution-Focused Therapy with Gay/Lesbian Clients by Melissa Wilson

Grief Work

  • A Good Friend for Bad Times: Helping Others Through Grief by Deb Bowen

Illness, Coping and Strengths

  • Helpers in Hard Times by Brent Cagle
  • The Power of Hope: Working with Emerging Adults Living with Life Threatening Illness by Brent Cagle
  • Young Adults Living with Chronic Illness: Experiences and Needs by Brent Cagle

Management and Employee Relations Training

  • Creating Employee Joy: A Program for Employee Engagement and Retention by Deb Bowen
  • Healthy Communities, Healthy Agencies, Healthy Families: Multiple Roles for Social Workers in Creating and Sustaining Community-Based Service Organizations by Brent Cagle
  • Healthy Workplace Communication by Melissa Wilson
  • Strengths-Based Management Model Training by Deb Bowen

Managing Occupational Stress

  • Managing Stress from Strengths by Melissa Wilson

Meditation, Strengths, and Holistic Practice

  • Connecting to Mother Earth: A Strengths-based Model of Holism by Deb Bowen
  • Meditation as a Therapeutic Tool by Deb Bowen
  • Meditation for Social Workers and Their Clients by Deb Bowen

Men's Issues and Practice with Men

  • Engaging Men in Clinical Practice: A Cross-Cultural Approach by Bob Blundo
  • Ethics and the Non-Activist Male Social Worker: How Men Could Help by Chris Hall
  • Jokes, Straight Talk, and Warmth: How Male Social Workers Support Each Other by Chris Hall, Bob Blundo, Tab Ballis, Tony Hall, Joe D'Ambrosio
  • Men at (Social) Work by Tab Ballis, Chris Hall, Bob Blundo
  • Strengths Base Coaching: Engaging Men in Social Work Counseling by Bob Blundo
  • The ethicality of the Non-Activist Male Social Work Practitioner by Chris Hall, Joe D'Ambrosio
  • The Peculiarities of Men Aging: Reflections and Tales by Bob Blundo
  • Viagra Dialogues: medical Technology Constructing Aging Masculinity by Bob Blundo

Military Issues

  • Battle Mind: Culture of War and PTSD by Bob Blundo

Motivational Interviewing

  • An Overview of Motivational Interviewing and its Relation to Solution Focused Approaches by Chris Hall

Narrative Approaches

  • A Narrative Intervention for Physical Abusers and their Families by Chris Hall

Overviews and Exploration of the Strengths Perspective

  • Strengths-based Practice: What's the Point? by Melissa Wilson
  • The World Turned Upside Down: Thinking from a Strengths/Solution-Focused Perspective by Bob Blundo
  • What's Your Guiding Light? Taking the Mystery out of Theory by Brent Cagle

Postmodernism and Strengths-Based Practice

  • Bring Postmodern in a Modern World by Chris Hall
  • Practice as a Social Construct by Chris Hall
  • Postmodernism and Social Work: An Analysis of Michael Foucault's, Discipline and Punish (1979) and the Implications for Social Work by Chris Hall
  • Social Constructionism a Unifying Metaperspective for Social Work: Interview with Thirteen Leading SC from Around the World about Practice by Chris Hall

Professional Self-Care

  • Ameliorating Secondary Trauma in Child Protective Services by Bob Blundo
  • Ethics of Professional Self-Care by Deb Bowen
  • Social Worker Self-Care by Deby Bowen

School Social Work and Student Support

  • Building Community-Based Support Services for GLBT Youth by Brent Cagle
  • Solution-focused Therapy: Overview for working in Schools by Melissa Wilson
  • Strengths-based Practice in School by Melissa Wilson

Service Learning

  • Participatory Research and Service-Learning: A Natural Match for the Community and Campus by Bob Blundo
  • Video Documentaries as Studend Service-Learning Projects by Bob Blundo, Bill Bolduc

Sexual Abuse Survivors

  • Solution-focused Therapy with Sexual Abuse Survivors by Melissa Wilson

Solution Focused Practice

  • Foundations of Solution-focused Practice by Bob Blundo
  • Maintaining a Solution-Focused Process in Your Practice by Bob Blundo, Melissa Wilson
  • Solution-Focused Interviewing: Advanced Experiential Learning Exercises, Demonstrations and Consultations by Bob Blundo, Melissa Wilson
  • Solution-Focused Practice for BSW Field Instructors by Melissa Wilson
  • Solution-Focused Practice for MSW Field Instructors by Melissa Wilson
  • Solution-focused Therapy: Finding and Listenting for Strengths by Melissa Wilson


  • Diversity in Religion and Spirituality by Brent Cagle
  • Spirituality As a Strength-Based Therapeutic Tool by Deb Bowen
  • Stengths-Based Work with Client Spirituality and Meditation as Therapeutic Tools by Deb Bowen


  • Strengths-based Suicide Assessment by Melissa Wilson
  • Suicide and the Elderly by Deb Bowen

Teaching and the Strengths Perspective

  • Strengthening Children and Families Requires a Fundamental Alteration of the BSW Curriculum by Bob Blundo
  • What is so Hard About Learning to Listen: Teaching Social Work Practice by Bob Blundo

Trauma and Strengths

  • Survivorship in the Face of Disasters: A Strengths/Solution Based Perspective by Bob Blundo


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