The deadlines for turning in your Application for Admission into the BSW Program are 5/5/14 & 8/1/14.

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BSW Program Admissions

The School of Social Work is committed to assisting all entering students to evaluate career goals and objectives to ensure that students meet minimum academic standards and have an understanding of the philosophy and value base of the social work profession. An admissions procedure is intended to strengthen the student's certainty regarding this career choice and to enhance the student's focus and sense of purpose in curriculum planning. The first step in admission to social work program is to contact the school office located in McNeill Hall 3101, at 910-962-3872.

Declaring Social Work As Your Major

Before You Apply
PSWK Status-Fall Semester



Students must meet UNCW requirements for declaration of a major*








*No credit is given for life experience.

During fall semester, while at PSWK status prior to junior year, students must be enrolled in, or have already completed SWK 235, Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare. Additionally, minimal criteria for admission is 2.5 cumulative GPA and 45 earned college credit hours. Student should complete SWK 320, SWK 240, and SWK 240. Students also should complete SWK 355 during fall semester and SWK 335 during the spring semester. All of the above courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.
Students are granted Pre-Social Work (PSWK) major status upon meeting UNCW major declaration requirements. It also is assumed that student have completed required collateral courses: BIO 105 or 160, PSY 105, SOC 105, and PLS 101. At the end of fall semester, students must have an overall Grade Point Average of 2.50 to be considered for admission into the BSW program.










Students ready to apply to become a
BSW full major (2.5 cumulative GPA
and 45 earned credit hours) must
complete an application for admission into the School of Social Work. Please attend to the deadlines as posted on the School of Social Work website.

Provisional Admissions

Students with an overall grade point average below a 2.50 at UNCW but above a 2.0, or students who are not accepted based on other factors, may apply for provisional admission. Any student granted provisional admission must have a high probability of obtaining an overall grade point average of 2.50 within one semester from the time of provisional admission and before they can be admitted into the Field Practicum, which is required for completing the baccalaureate degree in social work (BSW).

Students considered for provisional admission will meet with the BSW Program Coordinator to evaluate the probability of their obtaining the required grade point average to be admitted into the BSW Program and to be retained as a social work major. A contractual arrangement is made between the student and the School of Social Work.

Transfer Student Admissions

Because transfer students do not have a UNCW grade point average, they will be required to accumulate a grade point average at UNCW of 2.5 at the end of their first semester as a UNCW PSWK student, as well as meet all other BSW admission requirements. It is important that transfer students understand that you will not be able to continue in the social work major if you have not obtained a 2.5 overall grade point average at the end of your first semester at UNCW as a PSWK student.

For more information, please contact Noell Rowan, BSW Program Coordinator for the School of Social Work.

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