Taking Flight


"I loved learning how to articulate my experiences at UNCW.  Before this program I didn't realize what I did learn, this helped me process my time here and even increased my gratitude for everything they have taught me."

"I found that the most helpful aspect of these workshops was the discussions with other students about reflections from time here at the university."

"These workshops helped me articulate my goals, skills and the UNCW experiences."

Taking Flight..."Helped me gain a better understanding and perspective on how my skill sets apply to work force. Benefited from seeing other examples of resumes."

"I feel that this workshop has helped me to realize how much I have learned throughout my time here at UNCW. I was really able to see how much I have retained and how much I am gained from my experiences here."

Are You Graduating Soon?

Are you ready for the world that awaits you? Does this video "speak" to you http://growingleaders.com/habitudesforthejourney? Participate in Taking Flight!

Mission of Taking Flight 2016:

By participating in the “Taking Flight” program, graduating seniors will articulate and make meaning of their UNCW experience. While engaged in this program, students will make meaning of their personal accomplishments, reflect on their learning experiences and achievements and be prepared to apply them after leaving UNCW, carry forward UNCW values and Seahawk pride, and build affiliation with the institution as future alumni. Completing this program will help students depart UNCW with confidence in their personal accomplishments and with pride about their alma mater.

“Taking Flight” is a senior capstone program that was generated in August 2011. Charged by Vice Chancellor Pat Leonard, the program consists of a three workshop series for graduating students centered on making meaning of their UNCW experiences and their transition into the post graduate world.

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