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Travel & Conference – Taylor Lee & Jeren Hernandez

Erin Gruwell

Fifteen UNCW Teaching Fellows traveled to UNC-Pembroke to see the inspirational speaker, Erin Gruwell. She spoke about her classroom struggles and how to relate those obstacles in our own lives.

Many of the upperclassmen Teaching Fellows came to talk to the freshmen about their experiences in the different fields of education during our annual Major Affair. Attendees discussed professors, what types of classes were required, and interning.

 The North Carolina Teacher of the Year, Jennifer Facciolini, will be speaking at UNCW on November 8 at 7:00 pm. Mrs. Facciolini was a Teaching Fellow from Meredith College and will be discussing how her experiences helped her become a leader in the classroom.

In January, a group of sophomore Teaching Fellows will be traveling to Western University to attend to 2011 Student Leadership Conference. This will offer collaboration with nine other universities attending the conference.

Fundraising – Rebekah Franklin & Laura Beard

Shumate rockin OUT

With the fall semester half way over, the UNCW Teaching Fellows Fundraising Committee is in money making mode.  On November 7th,  Fellows will be reaching out in the Wilmington community by giving out water to participants in the Battleship Half Marathon, including the UNCW Teaching Fellows director, Amy Rottmann and Fellows Maegan Doss, Tyler Shumate, Brittany Isaac, Iva Youhouse and Alex Hart!  We wish all of the participants good luck and thanks for volunteering with us!

In the coming months, the UNCW Teaching Fellows will be raising even more money to fund our events, trips, and many other opportunities that come our way.  We have a family dinner night, planned in conjunction with Red Robin, in which our Teaching Fellows will be promoting our program and Red Robin (yum!), and will receive a percentage of the sales from that night.  A fundraising event to look forward to in the Spring will be the UNCW Teaching Fellows first Womanless Beauty Pageant.  This will be our main fundraising event for the Spring, so we hope to get the entire UNCW community involved. 

As always, the UNCW Teaching Fellows are shining in everything that we do, so we hope to keep the money rolling in so that we can continue to make our Teaching Fellows program one of the best in the state

Outreach – Emily Smith & Monet Hardison


On Saturday, September 18th, Teaching Fellows helped with an Outreach event at Snipes Academy of Art and Design.  The teachers and administrators at Snipes have developed a Saturday program where parents can bring their students and learn more about what the school is doing, and how they can help their kids at home.  For the first hour, the students went with volunteers and completed different math activities based on grade level.  At the same time, parents were given a tour of the school and talked with administrators and teachers about what they could do with their children at home.  The second hour, parents and students came together in several classrooms, where the teachers demonstrated and discussed what the students do in class every day.  The parents were given note cards at the end of the program to evaluate how the day had gone.  One parent said, "What I saw today was so much of what I’ve wanted to do—be in the classroom, see what goes on, how and what is being taught. Because a lot of times I couldn’t help my kids with some of their homework, not understanding the problem, so then I couldn’t help them when they needed my help most. So I’m looking forward to coming out to learn and to become part of the school's new plans for kids."  We will be participating in Snipes again on November 13th!

On Saturday, October 16th Members of the Outreach committee along with other Teaching Fellows volunteered to help out with the Hillcrest Fall Festival. Fellows, along with members of other UNCW clubs and organizations, volunteered their time and efforts to ensure that all individuals who attended the festival would have an enjoyable time. Fellows set up a table for children to make personalized bookmarks with construction paper, Crayola markers, and hundreds of stickers. The table was a hit and children and Fellows who attended the festival had a blast!

On Saturday, October 23rd Teaching Fellows participated in Make a Difference Day with the Wilmington Youth Enrichment Zone (Y.E.Z.).  Y.E.Z. is an area that has been mapped out in downtown Wilmington that is high in violence and crime rate.  The program puts effort toward preventing youth violence.  The Fellows picked up trash throughout the entire zone, and passed out flyers about Y.E.Z.  People in the zone thanked us as they drove by.  It was a very humble experience for all of those who participated in the event.  We definitely did make a difference.

For the month of November, the outreach committee is planning on painting a room at the Wilmington Housing Authority, so that children of the downtown Wilmington area can have a beautiful place to hang out with their family and friends

Recruitment – Blake Bunn & Reba Schmidt


The Recruitment Committee has been hard at work this semester planning and sponsoring numerous events for the TF program here at UNCW. The most important event that the committee sponsors in the fall semester is the fall break packet. UNCW Teaching Fellows take a few hours out of their fall break, whether they travel home or stay in Wilmington, and talk to public and private high schools in their area about the NC Teaching Fellows program, both advocating for the program and recruiting for UNCW Teaching Fellows. The packet itself, compiled and put together by our fellows, contains useful information such as the program brochure, interview tips for a successful regional and final interview, and contact information for the campus. The packets are always a big success with the recruitment committee, and there is a good amount of fellows that participate every year.

The committee is also planning to create a spring break packet that would serve the same purpose as the fall break packet but would be focused towards high school juniors and would contain different information. In addition to the packets, the recruitment committee sponsors numerous other events throughout the fall semester. Application Assistance Seminar, where fellows sit in with seniors as they fill out the actual application, was another big event for the committee and UNCW Teaching Fellows.

On September 25th, three fellows volunteered to help Dr. Reid-Griffin with the Junior Seahawk Academy.  The academy is for middle school students and focuses on getting them excited about math and science. Seahawk Saturday is an annual campus-wide recruitment event held so that prospective Seahawks can get to know more about our campus.  This year the event was also held on September 25th, and we had six fellows at a booth to answer questions and recruit potential teachers for both the Teaching Fellows program and UNCW.

On October 22nd, three fellows participated in mock interviews to help prospective teaching fellows prepare for their regional interviews at South Brunswick High School. The Minority College Expo will be held on November 4th and fellows will be presenting information about our program at the college fair.  This event has the potential to reach 300 students and parents in the Wilmington area. Fellows will also be volunteering at the Latino Festival on Nov. 6th by helping to run the Mexican Hat Race. The committee is always looking for events that will not only recruit for the campus and the program, but will help in getting the voice of both UNCW and NC Teaching Fellows out in the community.

Social – Abby Myles & Jenna Baldiga

Halloween Carnival

This past month of October has led to many exciting and some new social events for Teaching Fellows. All fellows were invited to dance, socialize and enjoy tons of homemade goodies made by fellow classmates at the first ever Monster Ball. Forty-one total Fellows were in attendance all dressed their best in Halloween get ups. Those involved in mentor- mentee were decked out in famous duo costumes, which automatically entered them into a costume contest. Winners Nikki Parker and Bardin Murray were dressed up as a hippy and a mime for peace and quiet. All who attended felt that this was a great idea.

Social Committee also represented Teaching Fellows at the annual Halloween Carnival. Members from the social committee and other fellows were in great attendance, providing bookmarks and bowling to those participating at the carnival.

November holds for the program a night of good food, movies and a day of competitive kickball. Fellows from the Mentor-Mentee program will be in ties with the social committee in providing a potluck dinner offered to any who come. Following the dinner will be a “kick off the holidays” presentation of the movie Elf. 

              Finally we will be hosting a class verse class kickball game. This traditional game will fuel the class competition and let us Teaching Fellows let loose for one last day before the next semester!