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College Fair
Seahawk Saturday

Director Amy Rottmann and Senior Fellow Chris Lucas on the BIG Piano at FAO Schwarz in NYC

Amy Rottmann

Director of Teaching Fellows Program

Amy Rottmann

Hello UNCW Fellows!!

As the month of November begins and our semester comes to an end, please remember to use hand sanitizer and to sneeze in your elbows!  I know as the semester comes to a close that many of you are stressed out with papers, projects, and events.  You all have to make sure you stay healthy, so you can finish the semester as you began it… magnificently.

You all have implemented and participated in over 20 events!!!   It is because of your hard work that our UNCW Teaching Fellows Program is bravura!  Please remember there are only a few left in November, so if you have not completed you two events this semester…get them done! I know that many of you have completed your events, and a number of you have done 3 or more!!  I love you go-getters!!

As much as I love each of you and to laugh, I must leave you one a serious note. Please remember as you set your goals for the remaining semester that you keep in mind a saying by Frank Tyger:  “Your future depends on many things, but mostly on you.”  Each of you set the standards for what path your life takes, choose your path wisely because sometimes you can’t turn back.

With Love,


Trent Crumpler

Teaching Fellows President

Trent Crumpler

I am extremely honored to be representing such an amazing group of students here at UNCW.  We are truly the best of the best and all 161 of us hold up to that reputation.  Thank you so much for your participation in all the events we had planned this year, we couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you! 

As we wrap up the semester I want to thank all the Council Members for planning all the wonderful events we had this semester.  We had 32 events this semester which is the most we have ever had at UNCW in one semester!  Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to our program, you guys are truly the backbone that keeps us going!  Special shout-out to our Recruitment Committee Co-Chairs, Reba Schmidt and Blake Bunn, for planning the most events this semester!  The Recruitment Committee had almost a third of all our events this semester, keep up the fabulous work!

In closing I want to leave you with a quote from Henry Adams, “A teacher affects eternity:
he can never tell where his influence stops.”  Go out and change the world!

UNCW Teaching Fellows Go Above and Beyond.

Here are some of their achievements:

Freshman Class:

Freshman Scavenger Hunt

  • Taylor Bryson and Abbey Starling were named Freshman class representatives.
  • The freshmen are becoming acclimated to college life and bonding with their fellows classmates. An event for all freshman Fellows is currently being planned by the class reps!

Sophomore Class: 

  • Chris Perez and Keslie Carrigan were named Sophomore class representatives.
  • The UNCW Sophomore Teaching Fellows are having a great year so far as we are back at our favorite place for our second fall semester of college.  It seems our fellows are invading every part of life on UNCW’s campus, being involved with the Student North Carolina Association for Educators, Residence Hall Association, sports teams, and much more.  The year started off with a bang when many sophomore fellows helped the freshman in Schwartz move into their first (and best) college dorm rooms, reminiscing about all the fun times spent and memories made on the Teaching Fellows second floor.  Planning for UNCW’s Open House event has commenced and in attempting to attract prospective Fellows to our school, we plan to have a theme based on the settings and morals of different Disney films.  It should be a fun, educational, and motivating event that will show high school seniors heading into their regional interview for Teaching Fellows that UNC-Wonderful is the perfect school for them to be “the best of the best.”

    The sophomore fellows have also begun our internships in school in New Hanover County and the surrounding area.  The general consensus seems to be that the experiences are good ones full of valuable information and memorable times.  For many fellows, our internship is the highlight of our busy, busy week!

    We would also like to congratulate our fellows that will be studying abroad in the spring such as Emily Smith in Paris and Lindsey Justice in England! Of course our sophomore family just isn’t the same without Kelli Stephenson who is enrolled in the National Student Exchange program and has been spending her fall semester in Colorado, but she will be joining us again in the spring. 

    Junior Class:
  • Jill Baldwin and Kelsey Sawyers were named Junior class representatives.
  • Members of the junior class participated in Junior Enrichment and Junior Conference.
  • The Juniors are currently busy planning the December Social and 2nd annual Teaching Fellows Talent Show which will take place on December 2nd at 6pm!

Senior Class: 

Statue of Liberty

  • Tara Tillman and Tyler Grady were named Senior class representatives.
  • Members of the senior class participated in the Senior Orientation and Senior Conference.
  • Kristi Waltz, Katie Tyson, Nick Corak, Kathleen Epperson, and Katy Gwaltney have been selected to complete their student teaching abroad for 5 weeks in Belize! Please support them in their upcoming fundraising efforts!
  • 25 Seniors went on a trip to New York City over Fall Break! Here are some highlights from our class rep, Tara Tillman: "The senior class was able to take a trip together during fall break this semester. We went to New York City by bus accompanied by director Amy Rottmann and Graduate Assistant Carie Williamson. The entire group had a lot of fun. We visited three different schools in the NYC area, the Neighborhood School, the Harlem Children’s Zone, and the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts. Each school had a different culture but all focused on the success of their students’ future. It was eye-opening to see the dedication the teachers and principals of each school put into the success of all students. When at the Neighborhood School, we were able to see how involved students can be in classrooms. The students basically ran the classrooms in the school and the teachers were only monitors of their learning. The students at this school took charge of their education and were excited about learning. At the Harlem Children’s Zone, the students would at some point during the day recite a “Scholar Chant”. This chant basically was a cheer for themselves that stated that they would succeed and go to college. The Frank Sinatra School of the Arts was very eye-opening as well. The school focused on each individual student’s special artistic talent. The students at the school major in what area of the arts they excel in and then their core academic courses correlate with their area of study. All in all, we were able to see some wonderful educational examples. This class trip allowed us to become closer as colleagues and grow as aspiring teachers. It was a WONDERFUL experience!"