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October, 2009

A Major Affair

What have we been doing ?

council retreatThe temperature outside is finally starting to drop, but the Wilmington Teaching Fellows are just picking up steam.  Students just returned from fall break, but many stayed busy even while at home.  Many students swung by the Teaching Fellows office on their way home to pick up a fall recruitment packet.  After they enjoyed some home-cooking, students returned to their alma maters to help recruit prospective students. 

Our current freshman class is maintaining the Pen Pal tradition by building relationships with sixth graders at Roland-Greise Middle School.  They are also keeping up with the spirit of competition.  All four classes are putting together teams for the kickball game on November 10.

The Teaching Fellows have several exciting upcoming events. In December, the junior class will be hosting a Teaching Fellow talent show. Contact your class representatives to sign up.  Also, on November 19, we will host the 2009 Teacher of the Year, Jessica Garner. She will speak about cultural competence with a global theme and about bringing relevance to the classroom.

And last, but not least, the UNCW Teaching Fellows would like to welcome three new members to our family: Abigail Miles, Julia Buckner, and Kelli Stephenson. Congratulations to the three of you, and welcome to the class of 2013.


a major affair

A Major Affair

recruitment event

Application Seminar

Amy Rottmann

Interim Director of Teaching Fellows Program

Picture of Amy RottmannHello UNCW Fellows!!

As the month of October begins, please remember to use hand sanitizer and to sneeze in your elbows! I say this because I love having you all come into the office, and I want to make sure it continues!  I have genuinely enjoyed getting to know all the freshmen as well as getting better acquainted with the sophomores! Thank you so much for coming to see me!

I would also like to thank all of you who have helped make our September events so successful. It is because of your hard work that our UNCW Teaching Fellows Program is bravura! I know that all our events for October will be exceptional as well!!  Many of you have already been looking at our “Calendar of Events” and have signed up for some of the upcoming activities; I love you go-getters!!

As much as I love each of you and love to laugh, I must leave you on a serious note. Please remember as you set your goals for the remaining semester that you keep in mind a saying by Frank Tyger:  “Your future depends on many things, but mostly on you.”  Each of you set the standards for what path your life takes. Choose your path wisely because sometimes you can’t turn back.

With Love,



Tyler Shumate

Teaching Fellows President

Picture of Tyler Shumate

Hello to current Seahawks and future Seahawks alike! The year is off to a fantastic start, and we could not be happier with the involvement thus far. We are truly at the top of our game, and we have made strides to continue to improve. Once again, I remind everyone to never plateau. We must continue to strive for perfection in all facets of life, because the road to success is full of many tempting parking places. I leave you with this: "Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go."  ~William Feather

UNCW Teaching Fellows Go Above and Beyond.

Here are some of their achievements:

Freshman Class:

  • Jeren Hernandez and Christopher Perez were named Freshman class representatives.
  • Katie Brunner and Erika Murray were named SGA representatives.
  • Monet Hardison won a scholarship for her essay as a part of the Blueberry Festival.
  • Michelle Bruno made the UNCW softball team.

Sophomore Class: 

  • Congratulations to Patrick Oliver for becoming the New Membership Education Chair and Sam Bruce for becoming the Historian of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity.
  • Erika Woolbert joined the intermural volleyball team.

Junior Class:

  • Sarah Graham is engaged!
  • Members of the junior class participated in the Junior Enrichment and Junior Conference.
  • Ivy McCreary won the Alpha Phi Alpha pageant, and will now move onto the district level.

Senior Class: 

  • Caroline Medford received the Reed Walmsley Award for her academic achievement and contributions to the Teaching Fellows Program.
  • Members of the senior class participated in the Senior Enrichment and Senior Conference.
  • Bre van Velzen was named president of Sigma Tau Delta, the English Honors Society, and Maryanne Garris was named secretary and webmaster.
  • Karla Albertson was named Study Abroad Ambassador for UNCW.
  • Beth Woolbert joined the intermural volleyball team.


Halloween Carnival

UNCW groups on campus hold a Halloween Carnival on October 28 for young kids in the community. Teaching Fellows will have our own table with games and prizes. Must dress up in appropriate Halloween costumes! This event does not need any more volunteers. Contact Tara Tillman ( or Katie Wakefield ( for more information.

Practice Interviews

October 29, we need volunteers to conduct practice interviews for 6 Teaching Fellows Applicants at South Brunswick High School. You will conduct 15 minute interviews with each student, and give them feedback and suggestions. Contact Amy at by Oct. 26th to attend. This counts as a RECRUITMENT event.

Battleship Run

We will be handing out water on November 1 to runners as they pass. No TF is required to run in this event. We need TWO more volunteers. Contact Jessica Dalere at or 704-796-9882 to sign up by October 23.

Career Day at Leland Middle School

On November 4, we need 2-3 volunteers between 8:30-11:00 am.You will be answering questions about a career in teaching and studying education. Every 15 minutes you will meet a new group of students to answer questions. E-mail Amy at by October 30 to sign up. This counts as a RECRUITMENT event.

Outreach at YMCA

We need volunteers for the Veterans Day Holiday Camp at the Wilmington Family YMCA on November 4. This all-day Holiday camps take place from 7:30am until 6:00pm and run various activities. You can either sign up for the 7:30 am-12:30 pm shift or 12:30 pm-6:00 pm shift. Usual activities include group games, swimming, structured gym time, arts and crafts, and educational focus time. The afternoon shift will go on a field trip to the Aquarium in Fort Fisher. E-mail Lauren Blue to sign up at You must e-mail Julia Royall ( from the YMCA to receive a volunteer application prior to volunteering.

Scrapbook Sunday

Help the Teaching Fellows remember all of our wonderful memories from throughout the semester. Volunteers will meet on Sunday, November 8 at 6:45. Contact Jill Baldwin at to sign up for this event.

Kickball Game

Come play kickball at the field outside of Schwartz with all of your Teaching Fellows friends! It will be a class vs. class tournament on November 10 at 5:15. Sign up in your Teaching Fellow’s Class! Your class reps will announce it and there will be a sign-up sheet available. Each class should wear a different color t-shirt (Freshmen-Teal, Sophomores-White, Juniors- Yellow, Seniors- Navy). We look forward to seeing everybody on the field! Contact Tara Tillman ( or Katie Wakefield (

Trip to Charleston

On November 14 and 15, we will travel to Charleston Saturday morning and attend a special Plantation Days demonstration at Middleton Place. We will also go on a Ghost Walk Historic Tour on Saturday night. Only 14 Teaching Fellows can go on this trip. TFs will need to pay for their own food, but will be reimbursed up to $30. This trip is full and will no longer accept sign-ups!

Meet the State Director

We will host a small "get together" for the state director of Teaching Fellows, Kerry Mebane on November 16. We need some Fellows here to meet and greet, showing him why our program is one of the best. If you are interested in being a part of this meeting, contact Tyler Shumate at This will NOT count as an event.

Minority College Fair

We need three volunteers to represent the Teaching Fellows program at the 6th Annual Minority College Fair on November 19th from 5:30-9:00 pm. Business attire is required. The event is at Union Missionary Baptist Church. Contact Amy at to sign up.

Teacher of the Year Visit

On November 19, Teacher of they Year, Jessica Garner, will be here to speak about cultural competence with a global theme and bringing relevance to the classroom. We will meet from 6:00-8:00 pm in EB 162. Contact Chakyra Cherry at or 704-517-7212.
This counts as a CONFERENCE event.

December Social Talent Show

Show off all of your talent at the December Social on December 2! Sign up with your class representative!




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