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Travel & Conference – Taylor Lee & Jeren Hernandez

Western Conference

-Sophomore Leadership Conference: Teaching Fellows from 8 colleges came together at North Carolina’s Center for the Advancement of Teaching at Western Carolina to learn about what type of leader they are. They participated in group projects and lectures on developing leadership in the classroom. UNCW Teaching Fellows were also able to make connections with other campuses and the NCCAT.

-Dropout Conference: Students from the Basic Studies program at Cape Fear Community College came to UNCW’s campus and shared their stories of dropping out of high school and going back to school. The students’ discussed what could have been done to prevent them from dropping out in high school. Many Teaching Fellows enjoyed the conference and saw what they needed to bring in their classroom to prevent future dropouts.

 -Building houses for migrant workers: On Saturday, April 16th, a few of the UNCW Teaching Fellows are traveling to Kinston, NC to help build houses for migrant workers.

Fundraising – Rebekah Franklin & Laura Beard


The fundraising committee has a very big semester in store! We have already had two restaurant fundraising nights, one at Moe’s and one at Chic-Fil-a. We also will have a Ci-Ci’s night in April. We are very excited about our two biggest fundraisers this spring- the Teaching Fellows Yard Sale and Frank Cards! The Yard Sale, which will be held on April 30th, will be sponsored by the UNCW Teaching Fellows. We will sell spaces for people and clubs, so they can sell their items. We will also sell pizza, drinks, and maybe even some baked goodies. This will get our name out in the community as well as around campus. We hope to bring in a lot of money through this Yard Sale.

The Teaching Fellows are also selling Frank Cards as a fundraising event. Frank Cards are like a coupon book, but they can provide savings at various places throughout Wilmington for an entire year- they don’t expire for a year, they can get reused at the same store on your next visit, and you don’t have to carry around a clunky coupon book! We will receive $10 for each card we sell, but those that buy the cards from us will be saving money too! Another great aspect of this fundraiser is that we will be getting the UNCW Teaching Fellows name out into the community which is something that we would like to continue to do. We hope a lot of money will come our way this semester! Happy spring! If you are interested in buy a Frank’s Card contact the TF office 962-2279.

Outreach – Emily Smith & Monet Hardison



The Outreach Committee has a lot planned for this semester! We have already worked at the Parent Academy at Snipes Academy of Art and Design twice this semester, and we really enjoyed working with the students at Snipes. On March 11th, we volunteered at Malpass Corner Elementary School to help them with their International Festival. On March 26th, 25 Teaching Fellows got together to paint the Community Center at Hillcrest blue and yellow. We had a great time painting two small work rooms, the kitchen, the library, the computer room and their large work space.  We would like to thank Annual Giving for donated funds so we could purchase the paint for the center. 

In March and April, we are collecting food for the NC Food Bank’s Back Pack Program. the freshman Teaching Fellows from all 17 TF campuses are bringing food to Discovery for the NC Food Bank. In order to gather donations, we are dropping off plastic bags in local Wilmington neighborhoods and in the Education Building to announce the items we need to collect. We are then going back to collect them a few days later. As you can see, we are doing a lot, and we are in the process of planning one more event for April. We are staying busy!

Recruitment – Blake Bunn & Reba Schmidt


We have had many small events so far this semester, and we have volunteered and recruited for Teaching Fellows on multiple tours and events for UNCW. Currently, we are in the process of gathering spring break packets from Fellows that spoke with high school juniors about the Teaching Fellows program. To finish out spring semester, we will be helping with tours for groups of eighth graders and ESL students. Also, we will have a booth at the UNCW Just Juniors event in April as one of our early recruitment efforts.

Social – Abby Myles & Jenna Baldiga

Thanksgiving Potluck


This semester, the Social Committee has a lot of fun events going on. We have already helped to make banners for the homecoming parade and wanted everyone to participate in homecoming events so Teaching Fellows get campus recognition for it. In the beginning of April, we will be collaborating with the Hispanic Student Union to put on a dance. We want to put together dance lessons for practice and cooking sessions, to get all the food and refreshments ready. Then we are having a dance the first or second week of April for the Teaching Fellows and Hispanic student Union members. Also, we will be having a scavenger hunt with the special needs students that work with WSE. When it comes time for reading day, the Social Committee will have a picnic. A lot of fun events are in store!