Teaching Fellows Program
Teaching Fellows Program

Program Structure

UNCW Teaching Fellows utilizes a seminar foundation to provide students with opportunities to develop their skills to become the best future educators. Each semester students will explore different topics vital to the educational field.

Freshman Year is designed to orient students to college and teaching. Each freshman is assigned a sophomore mentor at the beginning of the year. The mentor acts as a role model and friend and helps the student adjust to college throughout the year. The freshman seminar (only available to freshmen Teaching Fellows) focuses on helping students successfully transition to college life. Students begin working in public schools through specialized field experiences.

Sophomore Year is designed to develop highly competent professionals to serve in educational leadership roles as well as provide supervised extended experiences in public/private schools.  During this seminar, students will engage in a variety of supervised instructional activities, assuming increasingly wider responsibility for class instruction. The students will be required to have an hour and a half of contact hours each week with their mentor teacher for a total of 12 hours. 

Junior Year is desinged to allow Fellows to examine the school systems various leadership positions, diversity in the schools, and the community organizations that support the schools. Students will demonstrate and implement leadership in the schools and community through their participation in a service project that will be designed and implemented by the students.

Senior Year allows our students to collaborate in their Senior Seminar in which they prepare for the student internship and beyond. The seminar focuses on leadership and professional development, so that our Teaching Fellows become great teachers!