Alumni Brag List

This list reflects graduate accomplishments March 04 to August 15, 2007. The dates in front of the names reflect the date they graduated or were with us.

Student Professional:

’09 Taylor Kowalski, SAG, Cabin Fever 2, The Mark Pearce Experience

’09 Tyler Easter, SAG, The Mark Pearce Experience

’09 Anthony Police, SAG, One Tree Hill, NC Lottery Commercial

’05 Kelly Switzer, Technician, Dogwood Dell, Richmond, Virginia.

’05 Adam McManamy, SAG, Army Wives

’05 Bevin Prince, SAG, (Film Studies Graduate) One Tree Hill, Palmetto Pointe

’05 Beau Tison, (SAG eligible), Surface.

‘05 Max Darby, SAG, Surface, television series. ABC.

‘05 Chris Dayett, Pompeii, the musical. Premiering in Wilmington.
Out of town tryout for Broadway - fall 2005.

‘05 Julia Strachan, Assistant Costume Designer, Weathervane Playhouse, Newark, Ohio.
Costume Designer, Off Tryon Theatre, Charlotte, N.C.

‘05 Heather McCallum, Production Assistant, Reason Pictures, L.A.

’05 Jean Nolte, Administrative Assistant, EUE Studios, Wilmington, NC

‘05 Sharly Barlow, At-risk Youth Specialist in Drama, DREAMS of Wilmington and New Hanover County Schools.

‘05 Seamus Bourne, Papermill Playhouse, New Hampshire

’04 Kevin Gilligan, National Tour, New Hamphire. (Theatre for Youth)

‘04 Lila Canzarrro, SAG, Cabin Fever 2. Extra’s casting, Surface, NBC, television series.
Other credits this year: casting, Hawaii, NBC television series

‘04 Michael Roseander, (SAG eligiable) Ultimate Gift.

’04 Joe Pistone, SAG, (first right of refusal, 11/05). Edward Burn’s latest project. The Groomsman
(Feature film, Edward Burns, Director). 10th and Wolf (Feature film, Delaurentis Production). NYC Theatre, Macbeth (McDuff) Pantheon Theatre, Scotch and Poison 2, Cities Productions, The Tempest (Ferdinand) Looking Glass Theatre, Turbulence 2, New cockpit Ensemble.

‘04 Jessen Noviello, SAG. Signed contract with MTV. (Lead, 11/15/05).
Signed with GLOBAL ONE MANAGEMENT, L.A. THE MORGAN AGENCY, L.A. Nominee for American Olympic Tae Kwon Do Team (China). Company Member, Hollywood Fight Club Theatre and Film Company.

’04 Erin Cline, SAG, Madame Tussards, London, England, U.K Technician.
All the Pretty Girls, (David Allen Green Director, Sundance Festival winner.)
Erin is working in the USA and UK.

’04 Corey Howard, SAG, Dirtnap, (feature film), Surface, NBC television series.

’04 Sara Meek, Heros and Saints, Marketing Director, North Coast Rep, San Diego, CA.

‘04 Kevin Gilligan, Children’s Theatre national tour, New Hampshire.

’04 Stacey Schrom, Assistant Stage Manager, Old Globe Theatre, San Diego, CA.

‘03 Dustin Thomas, SAG, Acceptance and Full Scholorship MFA Scholaship Program USC.
Time Warner Cable national commercial, Boys From Company H, Discovery Channel.
Day job: Screen Writers’ Guild.

‘03 Aaron Rumley, AEA, Production Stage Manager North Coast Repertory Theatre, San Diego, Ca.

’03 Thomas Hall, AEA, Currently, playing Mr. Percy, in Bloody Poetry, at the 6 and Penn Theatre. Other credits this year include major roles at the North Coast Repertory Theatre, and understudy at the La Jolla Playhouse. San Diego.CA.

‘03 Chris Ryan, Barnes and Noble, Industrial, NYC.

’03 Emily Eudy, Production Manager, Off Tryon Theatre Company, Charlotte, NC.

’02 Henry Garett Drogue, SAG, National Tylenol Commercial. One Tree Hill, The Groundlings L.A. Company

’02 Jen Thomas, SAG Veronica Mars

’02 Robert Bapst, Stand-in, Surface. ABC.

’02 Greg Reposa, The Shape of Things, Rhinocerus, Theater Zone Theatre, The Worst Theatre Never Made, Turnstyle Theatre Project, Boston Mass.

‘01 McClain Alley, Currently, Extra’s Casting Surface, NBC, Television Series.
Other credits this year in casting: Hawaii, (NBC), One Tree Hill, (WB) Television series.

‘01 Abby Drogue, SAG, One Tree Hill, Red Means Go, Dawson’s Creek L.A.

’00 Amy Bristol, Scene Painter, Old Globe Theatre, San Diego, CA.

‘00 Matt Lutz, SAG, AEA, McBride, Television Series,( Lead), Hallmark Channel, End of the Spear, (Lead), feature film release 06. A Walk to Remember, Boston Public, Las Vegas.

‘00 Erica Livingston, AEA, National Tour, Stand by Your Man (Tammy Wynette). NYC.

’99 Richard White, Director’s Guild of America, 2nd Assistant Director Desperate Housewives (ABC) (to Mr. Scorcese) and before Law and Order Criminal Intent, NYC.

??? Bethanie Monroe, Production Manager, Do It Yourself Channel, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Former students that we have trained, but who graduated with other majors from UNCW, or who completed their degrees at other Universities

’05 Bevin Prince, SAG (UNCW Film Studies graduate) One Tree Hill, Palmetto Pointe, Dirtnap

Sam Feuer, President of Production and Development, Six Sense Productions. L.A.
Hotel Rwanda, Multi-award-winning film. Sam studied acting with us two years. (‘96-98). Recent Acting credits for Sam include: The Bernie Mac Show, Jag, Whoopi! Munich, (Steven Spielberg, Director), released December 2005. Hunter College Graduate. See Backstage article.

Skeet Aldrich, SAG, Hallmark Hall of Fame, (The Magic of Ordinary Days. As Good as It Gets).
Skeet was a classmate of Ed Wagenseller and student of Dr. Terry Theodore and Dr.Terry Rogers. NYU Graduate.

Graduate School, Conservatory Admissions

’05 Katherine Villette, North Carolina School of the Arts, MFA Scene Design. Fellowship.
One of two recipients.

’05 Dustin Thomas, University of Southern California, MFA Screenwriting. One of ten recipients.
Full Fellowship.

’05 Jessica Fulbright, MFA Arts Administration in Theatre Pedagogy.
Virgina Commonwealth University. Scholarship Recipient. Full Fellowship

’05 Jean Nolte, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London England. Summer Program.

’05 Jessen Noviello, American Academy of Dramatic Art. Los Angeles.

’05 Geoff Whitesell, MFA Acting, Florida Atlantic University. Full Fellowship. Scholarship.

’04 Michael Roseander, MFA Acting, University of Southern California, Fullerton. Full Fellowship and Scholarship.

’04 Michael Holmes, MFA acting, Northern Illinois University, MFA Acting Program. Full Fellowship and Scholarship. Now teaching part-time at UNCW

’04 Joe Pistone, Acting, Circle in the Square, Actor’s Studio, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Strasberg Institute.

Mary Hastings, Virginia Commonwealth University, MFA Arts Administration.

Garett Drogue, GROUNDLINGS IMPROV GROUP L.A. Explanation as to why this is in this category - This is a three year training commitment before actually joining the company. Garrett was one of ten out of a thousand to make it. They started him in the second year training group after the audition this summer.

Student Awards

Seamus Bourne
Southeasten Theatre Conference Award.
Winner of Ming Cho Lee’s Design Competition at Regional ACTF.

If you don't see your name here and would like to be included, please forward your details to Also, please let us know if you see any errors in the above submissions and we will make corrections.

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