Department of Theatre

UNCW Department of Theatre - customized


Customized Option: The Entrepreneurial Choice

This option allows students to develop individualized plans of study tailored to their specific academic and professional interests as well as career goals. It may prove the best approach for students who wish to combine multiple subject areas, for example, playwriting, criticism, theory, history, production design, performance, directing, stage management, arts administration, etc.

Requirements for a Major in Theatre for a B.A. Degree, Customized Option:

Theatre Core: Credits
THR 110 - Introduction to Theatre Technology 3
THR 125 – Introduction to Design 3
THR 165 – Dramatic Heritage: Study and Analysis of Plays 3
THR 230 or 231 – Acting I 3
THR 321- Theatre History I 3
THR 322 - Theatre History II 3
Custom Core
THR 242 – Production Studio I 10
THR 355 – Directing I
THR 370 – Theories of Theatre and Performance
THR 488 – Senior Seminar: Customized Option
Required (Choose one from the following):
THR 316 - Playwriting
THR 318 - Devising Theatre
Required (Choose one from the following):
THR 368 – Contemporary British and Irish Dramatic Literature 3
THR 369 – The American Canon: Seminar in Dramatic Literature 3
Theatre courses at 200-495 level, based on preparation for Capstone Project/Senior seminar. 12
Total: 46

Oral Competency Requirement, Customized Option: To satisfy the oral competency requirement for the B.A. degree a student must successfully complete THR 488.

Applied Learning Requirement, Customized Option: to satisfy the applied learning requirement for the B.A. degree in theatre a student must successfully complete THR 110.

A "C" (2.00) is required in each course counted toward the major.