Department of Theatre


Production Design and Technology Option

Students in the Production Design and Technology option will develop the knowledge of all aspects of design including scenic, costume, lighting and sound as well as gain the skill sets to create and realize their work. They will be given the opportunity to collaborate on productions with the assistance of the faculty. The curriculum will begin with an overview that explores the broader scope of theatre design and production. Upper level courses will allow the students to focus on their area of expertise. The capstone experience will require the student to apply their knowledge by realizing a design or production project under the supervision of the faculty.

Requirements for a Major in Theatre for a B.A. Degree, Design and Technology Option:

Theatre Core: Credits
THR 110 - Stagecraft 3
THR 165 - Script Analysis 3
THR 231 - Applied Performance I 3
THR 321- Theatre History I 3
THR 322 - Theatre History II 3
Production Lab:
THR 241 - Painting & Properties Studio 1
THR 242 - Technical Production Studio 1
THR 243 - Costume & Makeup Studio 1
Stage Design (choose 2):
THR 305 - Scenic Design 6
THR 306 - Lighting Design
THR 308 - Costume Design
THR 310 - Sound Design
Design Requirements (choose 3):
THR 201- Technical Graphics 9
THR 202 - Rendering
THR 207 - Costume Tech
THR 208 - Costume Crafts
THR 211 - CAD
THR 369 - Seminar in Dramatic Literature and Performance
THR 370 - Seminar in Performance Theory and History
THR 395 - Applied Studies
THR 485 - Senior Project
THR 495 - Theatre Seminar 1
THR 487 - Senior Seminar 3
6 additional hours at the 200-400 level 6
Total: 43

Oral Competency Requirement, Design and Technology Option: To satisfy the oral competency requirement for the B.A. degree a student must successfully complete THR 487.

A "C" is required in each course counted for the Design and Technology Option.