Meet the Spring 2014 Seahawk Links

Every freshman, with the exception of students enrolled in the Cornerstone, the Honors Scholars or the Global Perspectives Initiative learning communities, will receive a Seahawk Link. The Seahawk Links are assigned to a First Year Seminar course. to find your link, look for the First Year Seminar course below.

Cornerstone, the Honors Scholars learning community, Global Perspectives Initiative learning community will have peer mentors who are not considered Seahawk Links.

Lori BarattaLori Baratta

Sophomore from Charlotte, NC

Major: Business Marketing

FYS Course

UNI 101 002

Advice to Incoming Freshman

Don't stress out too much. You can relax. You want your freshmen year to be memorable. Plan to make new friends and try out different classes to see what you like to learn about.



Nicole BeaneNicole Beane

Sophomore from Ellenboro, NC

Major: Communication Studies

Fys Course

UNI 101 004

One goal you plan to achieve before graduation

To study abroad as much as possible. At least once would be nice if I can convince my parents.




Natasha BowersNatasha Bowers

Sophomore from Wake Forest, NC

Major: Special Education


UNI 101 007

Fall 2013 Involvement

March of Dimes and part-time job at Which Wich

Favorite UNCW Tradition

I absolutely love Oozeball. I think it's a great way to bond with your friends that has a little competitive edge, yet is super fun and exciting at the same time.

Alyssa CawleyAlyssa Cawley

Sophomore from Rochester, NY

Major: Psychology

FYS Course

UNI 101 008

Fall 2013 Involvement

Club Lacrosse

Most memorable moment at UNCW

My most memorable moments have been times I have spent with my close friends here. I loved meeting all of the international students as well as the American ones in my dorm, and it was cool to see the different cultures come together. We definitely never had a boring moment here in International House

Julia HorvitzJulia Horvitz

Sophomore from Raleigh, NC

Major: Business

FYS Course

UNI 101 005

Fall 2013 Involvement

Greek Life and Hillel

Favorite UNCW Tradition

Teal Tuesday! I love school spirit and nothing is better than a free T-shirt and a 10% discount at the C-store.








Alexus McGriffAlexus McGriff

Junior from Charlotte, NC

Major: Pre-Athletic Training

FYS Course

UNI 101 003

Fall 2013 Involvement

Area Chapter

Most Memorable Moment at UNCW

On Friday night, my suite mates and I went out and played in the rain. We jumped in puddles, ran down chancellors, and laid down in the amphitheater. It was a fun, freeing, and definitely one of my favorite nights since I've been at UNCW.




Liz McQuainLiz McQuain

Sophomore from Lexington, NC

Major: Marine Biology


UNI 101 006

Fall 2013 Involvement

Orientation Leader, Dance Company, and a Sorority

Favorite UNCW Tradition

I absolutely love Welcome Week, there are so many free activities and events to do! It is so much fun and you never have a chance to be bored.

Kayla SimpsonKayla Simpson

Sophomore from Indian Trail, NC

Major: Psychology and Criminology

FYS Course

UNI 101 001

Fall 2013 Involvement

Criminology and Sociology Club

Favorite UNCW Tradition

My favorite UNCW tradition is Oozeball because it is so unique to our college and gives students a chance to do something incredibly fun and to make memories that will be sure to stand out years after graduation.



Meet the 2014 Link Leadership Council

April DrummondApril Drummond

Sophomore from Newport, NC

Major: International Studies and Spanish

Fall 2013 Involvement

Spanish Club


One of my roommate's birthdays was in November. For the occasion, the rest of the suite, along with girls from down the hall, came together and got her a cake to surprise her! She absolutely loved it! Just to have that experience with my roommates and hall mates of coming together to do something special for someone else was amazing!

Kassie FuchsKass Fuchs

Sophomore from Red Bluff, CA

Major: Criminology

Fall 2013 Involvement

Duck's Unlimited

Most Memorable Moment at UNCW

Hanging out with my fellow Duck's Unlimited members after running our event that we took months to plan. It was fun to relax and hang with people that remind me of home.





Mandy KlutzMandy Klutz

Sophomore from Concord, NC

Major: Communication Studies

Fall 2013 Involvement

Marketing coordinator for Association for Campus Entertainment and Peer-to-Peer program through Campus Dining

Advice to incoming freshmen

My advice to the Class of 2017, is to not give up. As cliche as that sounds that first week is killer, you don't have many friends and are lost around campus. It's the first time living without your parents and the emotions are overwhelming, but as long as you put yourself out there and don't give up you can make your freshman year great!

Kirsten PageKirsten Page

Sophomore from Concord, NC

Major: Marine Biology

Fall 2013 Involvement

Desk Receptionist in Galloway Hall

Favorite place to study

The glass hallway located in Fisher. It is such a relaxed atmosphere and it is beautiful.





McCall ReederMcCall Reeder

Sophomore from Monroe, NC

Major: English (Teacher Licensure)

Fall 2013 Involvement

Volunteering at the Fort Fisher NC Aquarium

One Goal to Achieve before graduation

I am going to try to do the Disney College Program before I graduate. It would definitely be a dream come true to have an internship in the Happiest Place on Earth!

Yancey McCouryYancey McCoury

Sophomore from Boone, NC

Major: Clinical Research

Fall 2013 Involvement

Delta Zeta and MedLife

Most Memorable Moment at UNCW

Going through Greek recruitment Fall 2012. There is no experience quite like it. I met a few of my closest friends through recruitment.








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