About UNCW Media Production at UNCW

TLN - The Learning Network

The Learning Network of the Cape Fear (TLN) station broadcast on channel 5 in New Hanover County with the exception of Carolina Beach where it is broadcast on channel 12. TLN is a dynamic educational partnership between New Hanover County Schools, Cape Fear Community College and UNC Wilmington to develop and produce programming that meets the educational, informational and cultural needs of the citizens of Southeastern North Carolina.

The CHWK - "The Seahawk Network"

The CHWK is a closed circuit cable channel on the UNCW cable network broadcasting to the dorms of the 4000 residential students and to displays in public areas that everyone can watch. It is shown on Channels 77.1 and 77.2 in digital HD. Both channels broadcast the same quality programming at the same time with the exception that 77.2 does not display feature movies in order to meet copyright restrictions public areas. Only channel 77.1 displays feature movies. UNCW faculty and staff manage the station which utilizes student employees and interns for daily operation. The channel broadcasts a student produced news program called TealTV, student media productions, major motion pictures, educational programming and university events. Additionally, the channel serves as an outlet for campus emergency information and weather reports. Any students, faculty, and staff wishing to post video, audio, graphics, messages, artwork, music and announcements are welcome to do so.

New Media

Media Production is committed to innovation. We believe that media should be touchable, interactive and available to anyone, anywhere. For the last 10 years we have aggressively pursued cutting edge media delivery systems that allow our viewers to see and hear our message from their television, projector, desktop, laptop, cell phone, or table. When we started producing content for the web and social media, we frequently had viewership in the single digits. We now average over a 1000 visitors per live event.

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