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Major Program Sheets 2011-12

Cameron School of Business

B.A. Economics
B.S. Business Administration, Accountancy Option
B.S. Business Administration, Economics Option
B.S. Business Administration, Entrepreneurship and Business Development Option
B.S. Business Administration, Finance Option
B.S. Business Administration, General Business Option
B.S. Business Administration, Human Resource Management Option
B.S. Business Administration, Information Systems Option
B.S. Business Administration, International Business Option
B.S. Business Administration, Management and Leadership Option
B.S. Business Administration, Marketing Option
B.S. Business Administration, Operations Management Option

College of Arts and Sciences

ANT: B.A. Anthropology
ARH: B.A. Art History
ART: B.A. Studio Art
BIO: B.A. Biology
BIO: B.S. Biology
BIO: B.S. Biology, Terrestrial and Freshwater Conservation Option
CHM: B.A. Chemistry
CHM: B.S. Chemistry
CHM: B.S. Chemistry, Biochemistry Option
COM: B.A. Communication Studies
CRM: B.A. Criminology
CRW: B.F.A. Creative Writing
CSC: B.S. Computer Science, Biology Concentration
CSC: B.S. Computer Science, Business Concentration
CSC: B.S. Computer Science, Chemistry Concentration
CSC: B.S. Computer Science, Digital Arts Concentration
CSC: B.S. Computer Science, Geographic Information Science Concentration
CSC: B.S. Computer Science, Statistics Concentration
CSC: B.S. Computer Science, Systems
ENG: B.A. English, Literary Studies Option
ENG: B.A. English, Professional Writing Option
ENG: B.A. English, Teacher Licensure
EVS: B.A. Environmental Studies
EVS: B.S. Environmental Science, Biological Science Option
EVS: B.S. Environmental Science, Environmental Conservation Option
EVS: B.S. Environmental Science, Physical Science Option
FRH: B.A. French
FRH: B.A. French, Teacher Licensure
FST: B.A. Film Studies
GER: B.A. German Studies
GGY: B.A. Geography, Applied Geography Option
GGY: B.A. Geography, Human Geography Option
GGY: B.A. Geography, Physical Geography Option
GLY: B.A. Geosciences
GLY: B.S. Geology
HST: B.A. History
HST: B.A. History, Teacher Licensure
INT: B.A. International Studies
MAT: B.A. Mathematics
MAT: B.A. Mathematics, Teacher Licensure
MAT: B.S. Mathematics
MAT: B.S. Mathematics, Applied Mathematics
MAT: B.S. Mathematics, Operations Research
MBY: B.S. Marine Biology
MBY: B.S. Marine Biology, Marine Conservation Option
MUS: B.A. Music
MUS: B.M. Music, Music Education Option
MUS: B.M. Music, Performance Option
OCN: B.S. Oceanography
PAR: B.A. Philosophy and Religion, Philosophy Emphasis
PAR: B.A. Philosophy and Religion, Religion Emphasis
PHY: B.A. Physics
PHY: B.S. Physics, General Physics Option
PHY: B.S. Physics, Physical Oceanography Option
PHY: B.S. Physics, Electrical Engineering 3+2 (More info here)
PLS: B.A. Political Science
PSY: B.A. Psychology
SOC: B.A. Sociology
SPN: B.A. Spanish
SPN: B.A. Spanish, Teacher Licensure
STT: B.S. Statistics
THR: B.A. Theatre

College of Health and Human Services

ATR: B.A. Athletic Training
EXS: B.S. Exercise Science
HEA: B.S. Community Health Education
HEA: B.S. Community Health Education, Gerontology Concentration
NSG: B.S. Nursing, Clinical Research Option
NSG: B.S. Nursing, Pre-Licensure Option
PED: B.A. Physical Education and Health K-12
REC: B.A. Recreation, Sports Leadership and Tourism Management
RTH: B.A. Recreation Therapy
SWK: B.S.W. Social Work

Watson School of Education

B.A. Education of Young Children
B.A. Elementary Education
B.A. Middle Grades Education
B.A. Teacher Licensure in Secondary Education and K-12 Fields
B.A. Special Education, Adapted Curriculum Track
B.A. Special Education, General Curriculum Track

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